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Cursed (2005)

Full disclosure: I had pretty much completely given up on being open-minded about anything Wes Craven had directed post-Scream. Despite a deep love & appreciation for the meta horror of both… 960 more words


Foreign Dispatch: Student Abroad Cursed, Asked to Go Home

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN—A junior from Colgate University has been asked to return home early from her off-campus study group. While not officially a Colgate program, the Swedish group is affiliated with the university, but at this point is willing to sever ties. 301 more words

Blessed or Cursed?- An Empath Story

I was at mum’s house today.
We spent our few hours together in food, fight, yelling, cuddling, tears and the usual.
It was time for me to leave. 493 more words

Sunday 24th January: The Glass Onion Society (Haloumi fish)

adj. dust·i·er, dust·i·est
1. Covered or filled with dust.
2. Consisting of or resembling dust; powdery.
3. Tinged with grey.
4. Timeworn; stale: the dusty precepts of a bygone era. 876 more words


My mind is going INSANE

February 2nd 2016

“Transition: Can it be deferred? Can it be distracted? Can it be…halted?”
Recently something I read got me thinking, can someone really resist the urge to run down to the closest clinic and transition in 5, 10, 20, 50,  90 years? 1,103 more words

Is She Good, Or Evil?

I was born a day in December

Where devils and angels clash.

An impropriety of the upper class

They couldn’t remove with cash.

The day I was brought to her… 136 more words


Jeremiah 17:7

Jeremiah 17:7
“But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.”

The “but” is preceded in verse 5 by “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh, and whose heart turns away from the Lord.” 269 more words