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((If I added a prologue to my current work-in-progress, this would be it.))

The battle could be going better.

On enemy soil, outnumbered, flanked on all sides. 1,208 more words


She was the moon
He was the wolf
She loved his eyes
He loved her smile.

Once upon a time
Their souls found each other… 106 more words

Cursed child...

He was

a cursed


Helping others

find hope,

unable to find

some for himself.



Damned or Cursed

She can only smile so much

She can only listen so much

She can only dream so much

She can only love so much

Then he catches up; 22 more words


Divergent Paths

Though among the chosen,
Judah opted to cross floor,
Out of his way
Heading to the path of the fallen!

In a spectacular way
Breaking loose from… 239 more words

Wednesday, First Week of Advent, St. Andrew


Blessed St. Andrew’s Day!

You can find his story here

The St. Andrew’s Christmas “novena” starts today,
(to use the word “novena” very loosely–this is a lot more than nine days!). 328 more words

Jesse Tree

NaNoWriMo Day 28

A 3K day bring me 2,500 words shy of 100K! Of course, it’s approaching midnight here (so much for my grand plans to get to bed at a reasonable time), but when you hit a word vein, you can’t just stop. 88 more words