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“And unto Adam He said…cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life.” Genesis 3:17… 153 more words

Daily Devotions

I am cursed.

Electrical appliances always seem to have beef with me.

I flooded the kitchen with steam when boiling the kettle because the curtain somehow managed to balance perfectly holding the switch down. 147 more words


I was just walking down the dead corridor,

And then I saw it! The monster from a nightmare.

It was wearing a green suit.

The green colour was like dirty slime. 76 more words


Love Like Jesus Christ

Before I realized who and whose I really was,  I lived a life apart  from Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  I lived to please my flesh not God because that is what I knew and it was promoted among my peers.   426 more words


Poetry 139: The Man in the Woods (Part Five: The Cursed Prince)

The Man in the Woods (Part Five: The Cursed Prince)
by Aidenn A. Spelling

V. The Cursed Prince

Guessing riddles can be a task
They can make you think twice… 133 more words

My Journey

Old Hag Syndrome (Side Story 1)

I don’t know the rules, or if there is even such a concept… for this disorder ? So what happens is that you wake up, but instead of being fully awake you enter what’s called a twilight stage. 886 more words

Debunking the Naming of Iceland: How the Island Got its Name

First of all, lets start with the myth I’ve heard a million times:

MYTH: Iceland and Greenland were named in order to trick other seafarers into going to Greenland, as it sounded more pleasant than Iceland, therefore the Vikings got Iceland all to themselves. 592 more words