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To all of the people that have worked so hard for the last several years to make cursive writing a requirement to teach in Mississippi’s public schools, we did it!!! 26 more words

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The Value of Handwriting

This week, news came through on how 14 states in my country have made it law that students must learn cursive writing in school. This is coming a good while after an undeclared falling out of the practice, as it suddenly vanished from school curriculums; especially as the latest technology has become utilized in classroom settings. 794 more words


Cursive Writing Making Comeback

After taking a backseat for so many years, it appears that cursive writing is making a return to school curriculum. The debate on cursive writing has been ongoing. 276 more words


The Quint: Cursive Writing Makes A Comeback In NY Schools, Kids are Lovin’ It

Elementary school classrooms in New York City are bringing in cursive handwriting instruction back into curriculum. Jessica Geller, Principal, Henry Gradstein Elementary School said: “We brought cursive writing back because we felt it was important for the whole child to learn just like we brought back chess and ballroom dancing to help kids with their whole education.” 85 more words

Cursive Writing - Save Your Signature

Most adults can read and write in cursive. It was a skill we learned back in elementary school. Every time we sign something that requires a signature we tend to write our names in cursive. 100 more words


The Pen is Mightier than the Sword and Cursive Writing as Mighty as Technology

Years ago every school in the United States believed cursive writing played a key role in literacy. The idea of not teaching cursive wasn’t even a consideration. 1,746 more words

Cursive Writing