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Sorry I haven’t been able to sketch that much as before. Been occupied this lately… Homework and stuffs… And of course in love too…

But don’t worry, I’ve been searching a lot of things to sketch.. 132 more words


Francesca Diomede - The Mysterious Door, cursive writing and more.

Might the next generation not know what it feels like to write with a pen? Young author Francesca tells us why she prefers putting pen to paper. 7 more words

Life On Planet Earth.

Original Baby Shower Gifts

Worried that gathering the girlfriends for a Shower will result in a downpour of gifts that are something of a damp squib?  Bring yourself some sunshine by way of this wishlist… 211 more words

Tips And Trends

That Damned Cursive 'z'

I was writing some sticky notes to remind me to do some stuff and realised as I was writing how I had adjusted to the cursive writing style that the school I’ve been at since November. 74 more words


Ink Drop Soup: CursiveLogic

Most Kickstarter projects, at their heart, are a delightfully selfish proposition. I give you money, but you give me a sweet pen, which I will then lord over everyone else in my day-to-day activities. 280 more words

Ink Drop Soup

Change and Debate

Had an interesting debate with my husband tonight at the supper table.

Kirk tends to be one that goes with the flow, goes with the times.   462 more words

Back to the beginning

I have to read three different books about writing techniques for my Intro to Creative Writing class and I admit, it’s a lot to process. There are so many elements I just don’t think about anymore and others that are second nature. 408 more words