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Our First Children's Handwriting Class

We just had our first Children’s Handwriting Class!

I think it was a success, but I think to really find out how it was you’ll have to ask the students (haha!). 1,099 more words

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Simple techniques to improve your handwriting

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. The topic I chose to write about is something I enjoy a lot – Handwriting. In my time, I see the amount of time spent on writing has been declining. 394 more words


Pen and Ink

Some people are saying that penmanship is a lost art, that it is not a necessary skill anymore. I can still remember learning Cursive Writing in Grade School. 588 more words

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Cursive Writing

You know, you’re like cursive writing:

pretty no matter what you say,

but I can’t believe you’d say those things,

and I just can’t seem to leave you behind. 118 more words

Short Story

What learning cursive really taught me

This post has been corrected.

Since cursive writing was omitted when the Common Core academic standards was drafted in the US in 2010, the debate… 725 more words

The Importance of Cursive Writing

As with many school districts across the United States, our local school districts no longer teach cursive writing. The reasoning seems to be that because all of the kids today grow up using computers there is no need for them to know how to write in cursive. 314 more words

Cursive Writing

Handwriting & Cursive Writing Class for Kids

Edit: Thanks for all of your interest! The class is currently full. Please e-mail to add your child’s name onto our waiting list. Stay tuned for more classes! 487 more words

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