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Motivation to Write

(With credit and appreciation to the great Snoopy)

When a small child learns to walk there is no end of motivation. There’s the intrinsic kind – the child wants to go where others go, see things which are too high from a prone position, touch things that others can reach and generally be a part of the ‘walking world’. 1,351 more words


Cursive-writing instruction has proven benefits

Day by day

Cursive-writing instruction has proven benefits
May 27, 2015
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Westerville was a village when I was born. I innately knew my neighbors — along with people at church, librarians, teachers, firemen, policemen, doctors and all people in authority — were there to protect and care for me. 716 more words



I’ve had my handwriting analyzed a few times over the years. Informally.

My cursive writing died years ago. I still attempt it. I’m too lazy to lift the pen off the paper at times. 249 more words


Handwriting and creativity



The debate continues as to when and if handwriting should be taught in schools. Communication specialist Phwanda Moore explains that handwriting is more than a form of communication; it also taps into the creative aspects of the human psyche, and, therefore, should definitely be taught to children. 8 more words


Macaroni and Cheese

The first time it happened I was eight.  It was 1961 –  the Cold War, Camelot,  everyone was dancing the Pony.  Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space.   2,429 more words



Do you know what I discovered about multi-tasking this week? There is no such thing—we’ve been lied to! I’m still trying to launch my second book ( 1,892 more words

The Art of Handwriting - Is it Lost?

Penmanship. Isn’t that a lovely word? Do you remember people asking how someone’s penmanship was? Was it curvy and smooth, or scratchy and jagged? Was it small and tight, or large and loopy? 572 more words