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esProc External Memory Computing: Basic Usages of the Cursor

esProc supports importing big data in batches with the cursor, which is the usual method used in big data computing. Usages of cursors, including external file cursor, database cursor and in-memory record sequence cursor, are basically the same. 1,705 more words


esProc External Memory Computing: Concept of Cursor

The concept of cursor is very important for the database. With the cursor, data can be manipulated more flexibly and returned from the data table by rows. 1,015 more words


Table-Valued Functions and Cursors Performance

Another performance issue identified was the use of Cursors when applying Table-Valued Functions to large datasets, whereby the TVF was applied to each individual record using a cursor, e.g. 124 more words

SQL Server

IV67524: Database cursors not closing

Database cursors are not closing when activating large amount of people records. This has been resolved with an internal library update to the Spring Framework. On platform version 3.4.1 and 3.4.0, the issue was related to the First Name field and the ProjectHomePageLI field both being mapped on the “Create MyProfile from triPeople” task, of the “triPeople – Synchronous – Create TRIRIGA User” workflow. 32 more words