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Gun Control: Vice vs. Conservatives

Note: I’m a Canadian; we don’t have a second amendment right to bear arms. We do have what I consider a fairly sensible compromise: no handguns off the range, no automatic weapons. 1,391 more words


The Ten Best Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks have been an incredibly well run franchise in their 20 seasons. They’ve made great trades and free agent signings. They’ve drafted well. OK, so the Dave Stewart era wasn’t particularly well run. 863 more words


Curt Schilling Ranted To Fox News About How ESPN Is Where The Real Racists Work

Curt Schilling, former baseball player and current out of work baseball analyst (due to his own mistakes he refuses to own up to), has managed to find himself back on TV as an “expert” on ESPN and the sports media giant’s politics. 235 more words


Episode 3 - James Cameron is a Douche and Spot the Difference

Sexism and racism stills runs rampant in Hollywood and the sports world, and Team No Drama has some thoughts on that.

Context time! Here is the interview where James Cameron came off as a bit of an asshat (he also talks about James Cameron-ie things if that’s your bag). 65 more words


Curt Schilling Called Jemele Hill A Racist In An Insane CNN Interview

CNN’s Michael Schmerconish interviewed Curt Schilling on Saturday about ESPN’s Jemele Hill, and it was a mess. The former pitcher and former ESPN analyst had a bizarre interview where he accused… 387 more words


A quick guide to the political statements that have gotten ESPN employees in hot water

The perceived political bias at ESPN has reached all the way to the White House, where the president and his press secretary continue to talk about Jemele Hill and why they’re calling for an apology. 470 more words


ESPN, Extra Stupid Political Network Has Become a Far Left Mouthpiece For Democrats

What if I told you there used to be a TV network that was devoted to sports?  What if I went further and said it was on 24 hours a day and covered almost every sport and globally?   772 more words

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