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“Bigots were calling me a bigot!” ~Curt Schilling

The left has run out of steam. It is now just a steady stream of your a racist, misogynist, homophope, Islamaphope.

Tolerance has gone out the window. 17 more words


Silence Should Not Be Rewarded

The Boston Globe – Sports and politics are both cutthroat competitive. They both revere history. They both inspire wall-to-wall coverage and hyperbolizing pundits. They both require energizing bases — fan and voter. 353 more words


Curt Schilling is a Hall of Famer. Dan Shaughnessy Can Suck It

First of all, anyone who has ever read anything he’s written knows that Dan Shaughnessy is a) a terrible writer and b) a dummy. His take on Curt Schilling confirms both of my above points. 329 more words


Curt Schilling Likely Won't Get Jon Heyman's Hall Of Fame Vote

BOSTON (CBS) — Back in 2009, Jon Heyman wrote that Curt Schilling had to be in the baseball Hall of Fame. In the past, Schilling has had Heyman’s vote for a spot in Cooperstown. 418 more words

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Keller @ Large: 2016 Local Turkeys Of The Year

BOSTON (CBS) — Yesterday, we brought you my picks for some of the biggest turkeys of 2016 in the national headlines. Today, it’s the local turkeys, with no shortage of candidates to choose from. 409 more words


In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, it's time for the Coggin Toboggan pardon

Ahhhh Thanksgiving. A time for family, a time for good food and a time for visiting those weird relatives who still don’t have cable even though it’s 2016 and serve striped hard candy for dessert. 551 more words


10 For the 2017 Hall of Fame

With the new Hall of Fame ballot out, it’s time to announce to a breathless, adoring audience my 10 picks for the Hall. I always vote for 10 no matter the list (well, I can make exceptions, but not many) because it gives me a chance to acknowledge a personal favorite who I know doesn’t seriously belong in Cooperstown (unless he pays for a ticket) but who deserves at least a mention as a stalwart. 641 more words