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Amid the greatest year of his career, Stephen Curry takes a shot on startup CoachUp

Stephen Curry is having the best year of his career leading the now-top seed in the Western Conference, Golden State Warriors. Along with James Harden and Russell Westbrook, Curry is a favorite for this year’s NBA Most Valuable Player and earned the most fan votes for this year’s All-Star Game. 769 more words


So, does your biz have a social media policy?

Even though we now shop online, bank online, and even find our spouses online, there are still folks out there meeting news of vicious social media attacks with, “It’s just the internet. 802 more words

Memo to Canadian curler Jill Officer: Never feed the trolls

“Your an idiot.”

One day, a grammar expert with a degree in psychology will finally establish the long-suspected link between abusive online feedback and a failure to understand the apostrophe, or the possessive case in general. 822 more words


They can't fucking leave well enough alone, can they?

Oh, fucking joy.

So fucking glad to know to you know you guys are still proliferating.

I was getting pretty fucking worried there for a minute.   543 more words

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The Lost Collector Found Me

A while back, A.J. aka The Lost Collector, sent me a stack of cards.  After the recent debacle of losing track of who sent what, I am making a more concerted effort to post as quickly and efficiently as possible, when it comes to trade packages. 244 more words


Qualifications for the Modern Day Hall of Fame Pitcher

What does it take to become a Hall of Fame pitcher? Does he need a certain amount of wins? Does he need a Cy Young… 659 more words


Hurry Up And Trade Hamels? Not So Fast

Should the potentially career-ending tear in Cliff Lee’s left elbow push the Phillies into trading Cole Hamels sooner rather than later?

It makes sense. Getting something is better than getting nothing. 609 more words