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Miners Week 9 Recap: (Cowboys)

The Miners started the game off slow as they let the cowboys take a quick lead with a field goal. Although Lamar Miller was running the ball well, Sacramento just could not convert on 3rd down. 93 more words


Miners Week 8 Recap: (Jets)

After a rough loss to the Browns, the Miners return home in hopes to get a win against the Jets.

This game could not have been more different than the Browns game. 144 more words


Miners Week 7 Recap: (Browns)

Over the past few weeks, the Miners have dominated. However, after a few losses we are beginning to see the flaws in this young team. 132 more words


Miners Week 6 Recap: (Patriots)

Sacramento traveled to New England to face what could be their toughest challenge of the season: The New England Patriots.

Sacramento had a game plan for this one: 159 more words


Miners Week 5 Recap: (Titans)

Coming off their first loss of the Season, the Miners host the Titans in a battle for the division.

Mitchel Mason started strong, throwing direct passes to his usual target: Hopkins. 194 more words


Miners Week 4 Recap: (Bills)

In week 4, the Miners found themselves going up against Buffalo.

This game proved to be a real challenge, as the Buffalo defense showcased their speed and block shedding. 207 more words


Miners Week 3 Recap: (Eagles)

In week 3, the minors travel to Philly to take on the Eagles at home.

The game started off with a defensive clash. Neither offense could get across the 50 and were forced to spend the majority of the first two quarters punting to each other. 289 more words