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TO COME: Marrying into old nobility

Marrying into old nobility

This blogpost will list some marriages between male Echtermeiers and women of noble families, such as von der Planitz, von Alvensleben, von Hunolstein. 44 more words

TO COME: Echtermeier vs. Echtermeyer

Echtermeier vs. Echtermeyer

This blogpost shall open a discussion on the varying spelling of the name.

Dieser Beitrag soll eine Diskussion der unterschiedlichen Schreibweise des Namens eröffnen. 15 more words

TO COME: Artists and adventurers

Artists and adventurers

This brief blogpost will raise questions about the journeys abroad of Carl Echtermeier, his son Romulus, and his grandson Curt.

Dieser kurze Beitrag wird Fragen zu den Auslandsreisen Carl Echtermeiers, seines Sohnes Romulus und seines Enkels Curt aufwerfen. 19 more words

TO COME: Curt — a Janus of painting

Curt — a Janus of painting

This short essay will consider the diametrically opposite styles of Curt Echtermeyer in the paintings he signed as Echtermeyer and as Bruckner. 38 more words

An Echtermeier constellation?

An Echtermeier constellation?


The three great Echtermeiers – Theodor, Carl, Curt – are a constellation of stars: men of immense talent and tireless application, leaving works of value to generations. 184 more words

25 Assorted Sportscards of Curt Schilling [Misc.]

What a Great 25 different card lot to add to your collection! Nice assortment from past thru current year. This player is one of the elite Superstars in the Game! 23 more words

The Palin Paradox

The Palin Paradox is the phenomena that seemed obvious to you, but which was lost on the Palins.  For example, Sarah defended Dr. Laura’s right, 616 more words