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Easy Fold-Over Curtains

If you haven’t made curtains before, fold-over curtains are a good starting point. The great thing about this style is that it doesn’t involve any advanced sewing techniques, and is quite quick to make. 951 more words


Kitchen Blinds

Fresh looking kitchen roman blinds made in blue stripe Volga linen, client was really pleased with finished look


Giving Some Elegance With Faux Window Blinds

It is just normal for every home owner to be able to for things which may help in increasing the look of their houses. Everybody would like to see pleasant and cozy looking homes. 471 more words

At the End of the Day

Man about the HouseĀ 

I have long harboured a profound dislike of curtains. In many ways, I’m still stuck in the period 1970-1980, when everything was about plain architectural venetian and roller blinds. 1,191 more words

Every House is Improved From the Capacity to Control the Incoming Light

A home should be a comfortable retreat, a location where everything is “just so” and coziness overrides all. Whilst the actual community may well rage and also fight wars without, ideally, one’s dwelling is a great retreat that’s comforting and restful. 282 more words


Every Dwelling is Helped Through the Power to Control the Incoming Light

A home needs to be a snug getaway, a spot wherever your things are “just so” and one’s comfort reigns supreme. Even though the outside globe may well rage as well as fight conflicts without, ultimately, one’s dwelling is a great retreat that’s designed to be soothing plus restful. 269 more words