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Renovating of 407: The Creative

I was thinking yesterday I should have called it The Updating of 407. Because that is what most of it has been. My dad had to put tar on the dryer vent on the roof the other day, it was raining into my torn up shower. 680 more words


laughs and curtains

better as its own common

and told

as the push

and caught

as the lasting

and secure

as when it was the better

as its own mental motor… 44 more words


curtains and laughs

after the dark

and all in the passion

and ready as its own meaning

and mood

as its own secure

and length

as its own rebot… 44 more words


what about gardens . what about names . what about clothes without pockets

what about the little finger . what about quotes . what about book covers… 145 more words

Odd Word Out

Why Do You Install Fireproof Curtains at Commercial Space?

Fire safety in commercial spaces,  whilst being of the ultimate importance, is something that unfortunately not all businesses uphold. But the consequences of negligence can lead to loss of goods, damage to property or in the worst cases, loss of life.   512 more words

Fire Curtain UK

Colourful Array of Fashionable Curtains for Your Home

First and foremost, people use curtains to hang over their windows – but curtain decoration doesn’t have to stop there. Curtains and drapes have the power to change the entire look and feel of a room. 306 more words

Handcrafted Curtains