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About the poet – I found this and a few other poems in the diary of an 18-year old girl a couple of years ago. She would rather remain anonymous. 76 more words

Come Sit With Me...musings

Guest Bedroom Makeover

After several sneak peeks on the blog and on Instagram, I have finally got around to blogging about the guest bedroom makeover which we finished a few weeks ago. 899 more words

Everything Else!

Exposed! Or not.

One of the issues we have had with our “condo” is that there is no privacy at all.  This is something that we all take for granted when we live in a house, apartment, real condo, or anything with more than 1000 sq ft of space. 328 more words


Ohmygod! I finally have WiFi again. I have only been able to use the Internet on my phone which isn’t so much but enough to blog and update instagram! 136 more words

Catastrophic Curtains

(Originally posted on October 13, 2013.)

Nearly a year ago, we decided to give our bedroom a makeover and while we were at it, we decided to just move to a totally different room in the house. 454 more words


Curtains!  Yaaaaa!!  Curtains!!!  A semi tutorial

After waiting what has seemed an eternity (4 days), the fabric for the new curtains has arrived! I’m replacing the two front panels with new ones. 514 more words



The BBC reported:
“We are only four months in, but it’s already been a dark, dark 2016”

“Enough, 2016” and a more vulgar alternative are phrases people are uttering. 37 more words