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“Blow the dust off the clock. Your watches are behind the times. Throw open the heavy curtains which are so dear to you — you do not even suspect that the day has already dawned outside.”    Alexander Solzhenitsyn


October 19, 2016 | Fake Versions (Impostors) Of My Brothers KD And TD?

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I think that the dream started during the day but I am not sure because later it was pretty dark inside a house, probably because the curtains were closed, and I was either inside my parent’s house or outside in the yard when I noticed what seemed to be my brothers TD and KD walking up the street past The G House carrying what looked like maybe fishing supplies (buckets, fishing rods (poles), et cetera). 1,443 more words


Bedroom Makeover: Before and After

We’ve lived in our house for a little over one year now, and our bedroom has come a long way. There was certainly nowhere to go but up! 803 more words


Curtains from the ceiling...

Oh dear, I have been neglecting you my dear readers again due to work commitments (and some in-dispersed holidays) and then the pressure felt so big to write this amazing comeback story that I buckled and hid.   344 more words


One Word Challenge: Curtains

A collection of curtains from around the world.

Monk’s quarters in Laos curtained in saffron cloth.
Al took this great shot of a window in Fort St.

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Collections From Around The World

Review | Heroes In Hiding - Curtains

The Last Mixed Tape reviews Curtains, the debut album from indie outfit Heroes In Hiding.

It’s not often that I am surprised by a record, and when it happens it’s always a welcome event. 258 more words


What's Behind the Curtains

This past week was hectic. Our school was busy preparing for our upcoming Homecoming Assembly. ASB was busy getting everything set up and so were the performers. 149 more words