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Why write a blog?

Yesterday, I discovered that I was unsuccessful in obtaining another internship. This was just one of the many of jobs, volunteer positions and internships that I hoped to begin my career.  399 more words


Weekend of the Nerds

It was my last weekend in Perth before I head off to Germany/Turkey for five weeks, so I decided that extra nerdiness was required, just in case I don’t receive enough pop culture and science fiction while I’m travelling. 1,233 more words


Welcome to our project hub.

Hello and welcome to the project hub for the ARC Discovery Project: Enabling social innovation for local climate adaptability. Here you will find everything you need to know about the nuts and bolts of the project, the people and organisations involved, publications and resources relevant to the project and updates on how the project is progressing. 108 more words

ARC Discovery Project

Fact or Fiction: Ancient Viking Sunstones.

The Vikings travelled extensively throughout the northern part of the planet throughout the middle ages. Could stories about magical “sunstones” hold some truth?

Vikings would have found celestial navigation difficult because the sun and stars are often obscured by weather in the northern latitudes. 334 more words

flora as medicine ...

What can this plant species not be good for: Curcumin proved effective at combating cancer

WA SCIENTISTS have helped re-affirm that curcumin, a chemical compound found in turmeric, is a safe and promising treatment for most cancers and other inflammation-driven diseases.

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new learning system ...

Play School takes over Curtin University, smashes sand castles:

Sand Castle smashing time at Curtin University

Tom Harley Play school …

Whatever happened to science and mathematics?