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Eco-Friendly Beauty

Written By Jovana Lazovic

Plastic waste is becoming a serious problem affecting the wildlife and the environment therefore it is vital to take into consideration which products to purchase/consume… 350 more words

To-Go Coffee Has Never Been So Eco-Friendly

Written By Jovana Lazovic

With the wastage of plastic cups rapidly increasing Nestle has come up with a clever solution

There is a major gap when it comes to the recycling of coffee cups and as a result less than 1 in 400 (Gould 2016) coffee cups which are sold in the United Kingdom are being recycled. 384 more words

Labour Rights Campaign: Day 2

Written by Jovana Lazovic

Curtin Oxfam concludes the year 2016 with one last successful campaign

Curtin Oxfam was part of a two day movement where our volunteers worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the injustice surrounding the labour rights in third world countries. 124 more words

Snack Foods and Blame

A short, humorous, observational portrait about the ordeal of one man to obtain a muffin and coffee.

Rory McDonald 606 more words

Creative Writing

One Step Closer To Changing The World

Written by Jovana Lazovic

Making a change, although a difficult concept to grasp by perhaps not having the right knowledge is not completely an unreachable task.  199 more words

Apart in Perth

5 August to 8 August 2002

While we were in Perth, I spent a few days apart from Susie and the girls for the first time in over three months. 643 more words