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Evaluating technologies and Online learning resources

As technology and online resources are beginning to be one of the primary tools in today’s learning it is important for teachers and students to be aware of the importance of checking the credibility of the tools that they are using and whether it is relevant to their learning settings. 530 more words

21st Century Classrooms

Teachers' Big Day Out at Curtin Uni

Curtin’s bright new shiny things were explained at the Teachers’ Big Day Out on May 8th.

It has 58,000 people studying at Curtin….that’s bigger than Bunbury! 581 more words

Career Advice

Eco-Friendly Beauty

Written By Jovana Lazovic

Plastic waste is becoming a serious problem affecting the wildlife and the environment therefore it is vital to take into consideration which products to purchase/consume… 350 more words

To-Go Coffee Has Never Been So Eco-Friendly

Written By Jovana Lazovic

With the wastage of plastic cups rapidly increasing Nestle has come up with a clever solution

There is a major gap when it comes to the recycling of coffee cups and as a result less than 1 in 400 (Gould 2016) coffee cups which are sold in the United Kingdom are being recycled. 384 more words

Labour Rights Campaign: Day 2

Written by Jovana Lazovic

Curtin Oxfam concludes the year 2016 with one last successful campaign

Curtin Oxfam was part of a two day movement where our volunteers worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the injustice surrounding the labour rights in third world countries. 124 more words

Snack Foods and Blame

A short, humorous, observational portrait about the ordeal of one man to obtain a muffin and coffee.

Rory McDonald 606 more words

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