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Curtis Brown – Start Writing Your Novel

I’ve been subscribed to Curtis Brown’s newsletter for a number of years and lusted over doing a course with them for a long time but never could afford it.  617 more words

Drift is complete

Finally, January 2017, I think Drift is complete.  I started writing it in December 2009.  I remember the way the story grabbed my imagination and I had to write it.  387 more words

The dilemma of interest from literary agents over incomplete book

Hi everyone,

I figured it was about time that I posted something on here again. It has been a really long time since I have been active on my blog, and there are no excuses for that. 339 more words



A short, humorous pontification about the word ‘whilst.’

Whilst we were embarked upon our Curtis Brown course our tutor informed many of us that no one uses the word ‘ 116 more words


An Exercise

Hello Story Spinner Fans!  Whilst us authors were engaged on our course at Curtis Brown we were given an exercise in description.  We were tasked with writing three paragraphs; 1 – where the main character (MC) took pleasure in killing, 2 – where the MC killed by accident and 3 – where the MC killed out of necessity, like being a doctor or soldier.   388 more words


Writing competitions and courses

Previously, I wrote a blog for another website (coincidentally, MY website) about whether new writers should enter writing competitions / attend courses that cost a lorra money. 958 more words


More Book Deal News: 2016 Bath Longlistee Elisa Lodato

My agent forwarded an email prefaced it with the words ‘you might cry with happiness’ and she was right!  Elisa Lodato on her book deal for 2016 longlisted  2,133 more words