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Camouflaging the Curves

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man.”

Doctor Pointer paces across the room
, one arm across his chest, the other wielding a classroom pointer. 448 more words


Earth Not a Globe by Parallax (Samuel Birley Rowbotham) [1881]

~ I disagree with several of these comments by this book reviewer. This book is for those wishing to understand better what many, many ancient civilizations as well as many biblical quotes believed to be the shape and purpose of our Earth and stars. 1,041 more words


Star Trails Prove Earth is the Center of the Universe

credit to Eric Dubay.  This is so self explanatory that it boggles the mind how anyone could think otherwise that we are stationary, the stars revolve in the firmament above and the round ball, globe theory is utter and completer nonsense. 110 more words


#31 Is the Earth a Sphere?; Why Doesn't the Horizon Ever Bend?

From sea level we look out from the shore to the ocean and see a flat horizon.

Rising up in a hot air balloon we see the horizon still rising with us, especially at the corners of our field of vision. 156 more words


#28 If Space is a Vacuum, How Do Spaceships Navigate?


The heliocentric story goes that all life and planetary objects are held like Velcro to the Earth due to massive gravitational pull from the center of the Earth until one reaches the outer space, defined by science as the Karman line at about 100km. 3,543 more words


Earth Hoax? by Mark Knight

ed ~ Another POV coming to the same geocentric conclusions and that there has been one massive lie for 500 years just beginning to be uncovered…again. 476 more words

Flat Earth

#27 Is the Earth a Sphere? How Can Water Go Uphill?


Looks like a flat level plane to me.


Water always seeks it own Level

One surveyor, Mr. T. Westwood, wrote into the January, 1896 “Earth Review” magazine stating that, “In leveling, I work from Ordinance marks, or canal levels, to get the height above sea level. 1,177 more words