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Is Dark Space Itself A Particle?

This would be one of the challenging question and disturbed our mind even we understand universe comprehensively.

# Space we look is dark “Black” where nothing seems to be happen (not for space) inside it (space) events occur and hence have ripples into space i.e. 209 more words

The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: Ricci Tensor

Today’s is technically a request from Elke Stangl, author of the Elkemental Force blog. I think it’s also me setting out my own petard for self-hoisting, as my recollection is that I tossed off a mention of “defining the Ricci Tensor” as the sort of thing that’s got a deep beauty that’s hard to share with people. 1,323 more words


How the climb rate of an airplane debunks the globe

I have watched and read FlatEarth (“FE”) content that talks about the issue with flight paths, times and other anomalies that are difficult or impossible on a GlobeEarth (“GE”).  1,076 more words

Empirical Science

Curvature of the Earth

We all know that the surface of the Earth is curved, but exactly how ‘curvy’ is it?  At what scale do you actually need to start compensating for it in a construction project?  598 more words


4 |Names of Parts

Here are names of parts of the swords.  Length are measured as below.  The location of the highest curvature point indicates when the sword was made.


What is Scoliosis? FAQ

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine. Basically, scoliosis is when your spine isn’t straight- it can be shaped like an S or a C. 100 more words