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Intrinsic Geometry

Today I wanted to discuss the geometry of curves and surfaces.

Curves, Curvature and Normals

First let us consider a curve r(s) which is parameterised by s, the arc length. 315 more words


Did you know that there’s no such thing as “outer space”?


This meme below inspired me to make this post. There is no such thing as the “outer space” that we have been conditioned to believe in by charlatans who claim to be scientists. 223 more words

Flat Earth

Curvature and Radius of Curvature for 2D Vector Function

This video explains how to determine curvature using short cut formula for a vector function in 2D.

VI. Calculus Videos

Lecture 11 (Jan 16, 2017)


Definitions of geodesic curves on a Riemmanian manifold. Differential equations of the second order. Local existence of solutions. Geodesic map. Geodesic spheres, orthogonality. Local minimality of geodesic curves. 58 more words


What a relief it is to apologise! 

He was 84. She was 30. The only thing they had in common was life. Not tied to each other by any known or defined relation, but just life. 308 more words