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Curvature of the Earth

We all know that the surface of the Earth is curved, but exactly how ‘curvy’ is it?  At what scale do you actually need to start compensating for it in a construction project?  598 more words


4 |Names of Parts

Here are names of parts of the swords.  Length are measured as below.  Highest curvature point comes around center area or lower area indicates when the sword was made.


What is Scoliosis? FAQ

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine. Basically, scoliosis is when your spine isn’t straight- it can be shaped like an S or a C. 100 more words

Flat Earth Quote of the Day

Jupiter rising Automatically held

OK, lets put this to bed. I used to work as an aircraft instrument technician! I pulled hundreds of artificial horizons apart, overhauled them, and recalibrated them, I would like a $ for everyone I have done mostly military aircraft, fighter bombers and fighter jets. 205 more words

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