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Are human visual preferences older than humans themselves?

Our most recent paper shows that we (Homo sapiens) share our preference for curved contours with our closest living primate relatives: chimpanzees ( 331 more words

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Flat Earth "theory" is easily disprovable

The “Flat-Earthers” continue to insist that the earth is flat, and that the only way to find out if it is flat or spherical is to go into space and look at it with your own eyes. 672 more words

MatPat's mistakes

Hello, it’s TimeEmperor! Now I have watched GameTheory for awhile now. If you don’t know GameTheory, it’s basically what it’s called, a guy named MatPat (or double MatPatt, I never actually knew) makes theories using real life science about video games and now movies and TV shows. 1,890 more words



The neck of an egret is very subtly curved: nothing as spectacular as a swan’s or flamingo’s. It is something you only notice in a close up. 20 more words


Flat Earth Gallery II

Ball Earth Curvature Chart

IF the earth is a globe, and is 25,000 English statute miles in circumference, the surface of all standing water must have a certain degree of convexity–every part must be an arc of a circle. 472 more words

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How Do Eclipses Occur When Sun and Moon Are Overhead?

“According to the globular theory, a lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth, and moon are in a direct line; but it is on record that since about the fifteenth century over fifty eclipses have occurred while both sun and moon have been visible above the horizon.” -F.H. 916 more words


Changing the face of OpenStack

For my first proper blog post, I’d like to talk about the culmination of a project that began way back in the summer of 2012, when I was but a lowly intern. 2,353 more words