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Need Your Help FE Nation

Doug Rowland @ NASA.gov…CALL HIM and tell him what you think about their spraying us like bugs

301-286-6659…his machine picks up if he’s not in. 111 more words



Allegedly Dave is a wonderful spokesperson for the FE Movement.

Flat Earth

How does Water curve?

Last summer I was sitting at the table at my friend’s cabin looking at the wide river or estuary. The water was very flat despite flowing forward. 248 more words


New Treasure Trove of FE Info

Great to see FE Nation doing their own research.

now we need YOU all to go through these archives and share what you find that is relevant and pertinent to the Flat Out Truth. 30 more words

Flat Earth

Aether vs. Relativity; Proof of Einstein's Grand Folly

Airy’s Failure And The Sagnac’s Experiment

Airy’s “Failure” was that to observe a particular star he did NOT have to increase the tilt of his telescope when he filled it with water. 169 more words

Flat Earth

Aero-"PLANES" Don't Use GPS. Why?

Short and sweet describing how airlines have always used over the horizon radar and cannot track over parts of the oceans. Why? they all use ground based radar systems.  230 more words

Flat Earth