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For those that just can’t get enough FE News….

also, it is important to distill, cache and archive this once in a lifetime material so it can be preserved and conserved.  215 more words


Questions For Your Child's Science Teacher

Questions For Your Child’s Science Teacher

I am a 13 year old boy who is currently enrolled in high school in NSW, Australia.

On Friday (6th Oct 2015) in year 7 science class, our science teacher was berating one of the other students because he is a Christian and believes in Biblical creation. 572 more words

Flat Earth


Big thoughts like the Flat Earth occulted from nearly all 7 billion people on Earth,

…and that ALL need to be unlearned and reeducated.

What if that money stolen from us for purposes of extortion and fraud are given back to the people, all structures of government would need complete overhaul and reorganization. 862 more words

Flat Earth

Basic Trigonometry to Calculate Distance of the Sun from FE Earth

In one of her recent YouTube videos entitled “New Proof of a Flat Earth: Distance to the Sun?” Sasha (Orphan Red) uses simple geometry and mathematics to prove that the Sun is not 93,000,000 miles away. 135 more words

Flat Earth

FE MVD In Questions Lie/Lie the Answers

Rumi was a Flat Earther all along, who the heck knew???


Flat Earth