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Curves #1

In this two part series I though I would discuss some famous curves with interesting shapes.


Polar Form: r = a sin(θ)/θ

The name means the ‘snail-form’ curve. 273 more words



Curve – WordPress Prompt

Your lips caress the inches from one bend to another; tickling my skin as you travel the lines. My fingers breeze through your hair, every strand curving between my grip. 52 more words


I watched from the corner of my eye. And she watched too, from the corner of her eye. I couldn’t say anything, but I was crying. 243 more words

Sketching From Curves

A fun little game  where I started with a curve or two and tried to turn it into a sketch…

Drawing with a single curve… 10 more words


When life throws you a curveball...

… keep your eye on the ball, and with all your might hit it. You’ve been to many curveballs before. You missed some. You hit some. 65 more words