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5 Obnoxious Things People Tell You When You're A Girl With Real Curves

Life is unfair for us who do not wear a size zero. Gone are the days when real curves get admiration from the flock. We are living in a world of fad diets, protein shakes, yoga mats and cleanse juices. 776 more words

Attack of the Killer Cleavage

Camis (camisoles) are typically pretty handy for cleavage concealment (crucial in most office settings), and while I admit that they do help mitigate the effect, I find that I will often have residual cleavage peeking out from beneath the cami. 126 more words


Simply Ask

Remember our blog’s first key release? Through our first challenge, we found that we ALL have a few “trouble areas”. We found our three personality traits that were holding us back (and quickly let them go!) and then we found our three BEST traits that we promised (to ourselves) to use to overcome and outweigh the other traits. 669 more words

Editor's Lounge: Kelly Clarkson Won't Be Fat Shamed (repost)

Unfortunately everybody feels the right (and need) to have a loud opinion about your body. When you’re a curvy girl those opinions can be extremely mean. 61 more words

FIRST KEY RELEASE!!!!! (Including C.G.I.A's First Challenge!)

As we’ve mentioned before, the first key needed to unlock your fate is “LIGHT”. In this case, we will be bringing our past issues, problems, and negative traits to the light. 246 more words

Boobs, Bra's and BUSTs... The HOLY GRAIL of perfect bra fitting.

For some of us, bra shopping almost as dreaded as root canal or having your wisdom teeth pulled. We see a beautiful bra, try it on, and suddenly reminded that most bra manufacturers design bras for model bodies…not curvy girls like us. 700 more words

Curvy Girls

Curvy Girls Guide to Fashion: 5 Tips and Picks

No matter your size, shape or style – you should be able to wear what you want. After all, the most important fashion rule of all is to throw out all the rules! 380 more words