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Curvy Kate Princess/Portia + bra extender

So I finally got my bra extenders in the mail. It took almost a month, which is one of time reasons I hate doing intl orders/shipping. 171 more words


In defence of online bra shopping

As a life-long member of the busty babes club, I’ve always struggled with buying underwear from high street stores. Being measured as a teenager even proved difficult. 625 more words

Curvy Kate "alterations"

I really tried to make this bra fit. I really did. But nothing worked. 😩😩

This post is mostly going to be pictures, and it’s going to be long. 229 more words


Curvy Kate Eden 28e

Color: Rose print

About the Bra: When I feet saw this, I said to myself, I NEED to have this. The print on it is so beautiful. 594 more words


The first batch of badly fitting bras came in - a sort of review of Curvy Kates!

So before I had fully determined my size and shape, I already bought/ordered some bras. Now this probably means I have to return all of them or resell them locally. 1,083 more words


I dyed the Portia/Princess hybrid

Original post can be found here.

I used Rit Dye in the purple color. As the water was boiling, I read the side of the bottle that says not to use it on polyester fabrics. 373 more words


Curvy Kate Portia/Princess 28e

Okay. If you’re confused about the title, it’s because this bra is labeled as ‘Portia’, but it’s actually Princess.

As per the CK website

  • Princess: soft raised polka dot & floral embroidery with a ribbon slot.
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