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We Need to Talk About Social Media's Body Dysmorphia

Let me start this by saying that on the whole I think that social media is all kinds of awesome. Without it I never would have met my running buddies… 1,009 more words

A Lingerie Company Responded To A Body Shaming Hashtag By Asking Women To Grab Their Boobs

The newest asinine trend that’s taking the internet by storm is the #BellyButtonChallenge, in which the ability to touch your belly button by wrapping your arm around your back is supposed to be some bullcrap indicator of a healthy weight. 694 more words

Web Culture

Body Positivity in the Lingerie Industry

There have been some pretty exciting goings on within the lingerie industry as well as here in Derriere de Soie. Some of these are the Lonely Girls Project by Lonely Lingerie, Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra Contest and Panache’s Modelled by Role Models, along with our own modeling campaign. 619 more words

Bra Fitting

Due to a move with getting out of shape, an enforced period of inactivity after surgery, medication changes, and vacation in several places, I’ve replaced muscle with fat. 295 more words


Curvy Kate Tease

I’ve been losing weight after my second baby, trying to get back to my old “comfortable” weight. In the process, I’ve lost several cup sizes and am having to get a whole new bra wardrobe. 148 more words


Lingerie brand's Victoria's Secret ad spoof uses plus size women to boost body confidence

Lingerie brand Curvy Kate has created a spoof of Victoria’s Secret The Prefect Body ad to boost body confidence in women.

Back in October, the famous lingerie brand had featured tall and skinny models to describe ‘perfect’ woman, which had sparked a fiery online debate, the Daily Express reported. 106 more words


PSA: Bratabase giveaway

Human who wear bras (not just ladies and gentlemen),

I bought a 34FF Curvy Kate Starlet a while back and decided I just could not deal with the fabric fold at the bottom, so I’m giving it away. 48 more words

Molded Bras