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 9 Reasons Why Curvy Women Are Best In Bed #unigoss

Now women with natural curves can rest easy in the knowledge they are better in b ed than their size-zero counterparts. And that’s a fact. Curvy women have been making a comeback on the catwalk and new research reveals that having more meat on your bones doesn’t just look great, it actually makes you better in bed. 359 more words

S.M.G Speaks.............

The Smart One...

As, opposed to the pretty one…that was my sister. Not that being smart is bad, there’s a lot of dumb ass people out there and I would rather not be one of them. 324 more words


Online Dating Should Be a Four-Letter Word....

Okay, maybe not really…but it definitely gets a bad rap. I met the guy I like on Tinder….and, joined Tinder because of a couple of my sadistic friends are convinced I have no life. 307 more words


An Investment In Me

Today, I made an investment in my self esteem. I go through times when I feel not so pretty and sometimes right down invisible. It has been one of those times. 532 more words