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Chris Myers - Center Of Attention With Brian Cushing

Chris Myers caught up with Brian Cushing after practice to discuss the Broncos coming to town on Saturday and the excitement of seeing former coaches and teammates. 17 more words


The 5 Best Frankenstein Films

Happy National Frankenstein Day!

Today is Mary Shelley’s birthday. She is the author to one of most timeless horror stories ever. Frankenstein or, the Modern Prometheus. 494 more words


Abby Johnson testifies before Texas Senate on Planned Parenthood's profiting from sale of fetal remains

Warning: The following testimony deals with the graphic issue of abortions, the dismemberment of fetal tissue after abortions, and the harvesting and disposal of fetal remains. 1,204 more words

jameswcushing reblogged this on judicialsupport and commented:

The videos of Planned Parenthood officials discussing dismembering human beings and harvesting (and possibly selling) their organs have been assailed as unfairly edited and, therefore, misrepresentative of what goes on there. Perhaps a far better representation of what is going on in Planned Parenthood was presented by Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director, when she testified before the Texas State Senate. Her testimony is not getting nearly the attention it deserves so I am posting it here. Thanks so much to Ryan Phunter who posted it on his blog, "Orthodox in the District," which made it easily available to me to reblog here. After reading this testimony I cannot imagine how anyone can defend Planned Parenthood anymore. I hate to say that I am not surprised by any of these developments as they are all logical conclusions from the dehumanization that pervades our culture and as especially expressed in Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by a eugenicist, racist, and Nazi sympathizer (see here and here and here and here and here). Now, more than ever, the scourge of abortion needs to be stopped. God have mercy on us all.

Cushing's Help is 15 Today!

It’s unbelievable but the idea for Cushing’s Help and Support arrived 15 years ago last night.

I was talking with my dear friend Alice, who ran a wonderful menopause site called Power Surge, wondering why there weren’t many support groups online (OR off!) for Cushing’s and I wondered if I could start one myself and we decided that I could. 112 more words


Review - Dracula

Title: – Dracula

Director: – Terence Fisher

Country: – England

Year: – 1958

Perhaps the last of the horror classicists, Hammer Studios put Britain at the forefront of macabre movie-making during its long reign of terror, with iconic films that remain firmly etched in popular culture. 1,002 more words


US Oil Down After Cushing, Oklahoma Forecast To Have Growing Inventory.

US oil prices closed down around 1% yesterday at about $50.91 a barrel after a report by the Genscape research firm said that inventory at Cushing in Oklahoma is building up. 49 more words