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A little Update

Getting a little frustrated…
My surgery is scheduled for November 9th. So almost two months after I met with my neurosurgeon. He told me I had to spend the day at the hospital getting another MRI, CT scan and to meet with the ENT Doctor to make sure I was good for surgery. 190 more words

Brain Tumor


One of my biggest fears is being in a place I can’t get out of. Like being buried alive or trapped in open water. Cushings disease kind of feels like that to me. 513 more words

Brain Tumor

My Diagnosis

I’ve been skinny my entire life. Never passed a size one until about a year and a half ago. I felt like I jumped from a size one to a size seven over night. 877 more words

Brain Tumor

Finding Minnesota: Obligato Violin Shop

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are hidden gems all across our fine state; places where creative people are doing unique things.

That holds true at Bob Gatt’s farm in Cushing, where livestock, vegetables and violins all cross paths — drawing both musicians and curious passers-by to his homestead. 359 more words


"Yes, you do have a tumor."

I would’ve never imagined at 23 years old I’d be sitting in a neurosurgeons office being told I have to have brain surgery. Cushing’s disease sucks and it’s crazy to think that something the size of the tip of my pinky could be so life changing. 318 more words

Brain Tumor

An Opinion? How dare you have one!

The first character I’d ever found a true attachment for was Sherlock Holmes. I’ve admitted as much in previous¬†posts.¬†I’m happy to defend my reasons for liking both the character and the stories. 566 more words

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