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Straight Talk Cushing's

On April 8th, people from around the world unite in support of Cushing’s Disease Awareness Day.

In this animated video, learn more about Cushing’s disease, including the mechanism of disease, clinical manifestations, symptoms and diagnosis challenges.


Day 8, Cushing's Awareness Challenge 2016

It’s Here!

Dr. Cushing was born in Cleveland Ohio. The fourth generation in his family to become a physician, he showed great promise at Harvard Medical School and in his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital (1896 to 1900), where he learned cerebral surgery under William S. 1,061 more words



James is my fifth great granduncle; we are related through Andrew and Elizabeth (COBB) SIMONTON.  James is first cousin to Josiah VAUGHAN just posted.  James served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Capt. 847 more words

Highlighted Family Member

Oil Price Prospects

   By Bob Shapiro

Crude oil prices have fallen from $100+ two years ago to around $37 today, after going under $30 briefly last month. Not surprisingly, there are differing views on the direction of prices going forward. 971 more words

GDP & Employment

Sheen on the Oil Slick Getting Darker

By David Haggith – Re-Blogged From The Great Recession

Last week, I wrote that the day would come soon when oil prices would take another nasty dive because there is nowhere left to store oil, causing the spot price for immediately delivery to dive toward the zero bound. 1,072 more words

GDP & Employment

Chisholm v. Georgia

2 U. S. 419

February, 1793

Like many of the earliest Supreme Court cases, this one involved debt. The State of Georgia promised to pay a man from South Carolina money and never delivered, so the man’s executor, Chisholm, tried to sue Georgia. 723 more words