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What Would Harvey Cushing Do?

My name is Laura, and I AM the face of Cushing’s. Or at least one of many.

Today, April 8th, isn’t just another Wednesday, or “Hump Day” as some people call it. 587 more words

Blogging for Cushing's Awareness

For those of us caught up in the world of Cushing’s shenanigans, April is a month to blog about awareness. A seemingly rare disease, but perhaps it’s just not diagnosed as much as it ought to be, Cushing’s Disease can be fatal if it goes untreated. 831 more words

Next-Generation Compounds and Support Commercialization of Korlym(R)

Corcept markets Korlym® for the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome, a severe orphan illness that afflicts 20,000 people in the United States, approximately half of whom are cured by surgery. 46 more words


Cushing's syndrome vs simple obesity. How can a needle be found in the haystack?

Endocrinology Today 02/2015; 4(1):30-35.

Clinical recognition of Cushing’s syndrome should generally follow from the observation of a constellation of compatible clinical features that progress over time. 68 more words


Off the Steroids I go...

After weighing the pros and cons I decided to come off of the steroids I was on for my microscopic colitis. It just wasn’t worth it. 338 more words

Cushing's Disease

PRKACA mutations in cortisol-producing adenomas and adrenal hyperplasia

Eur J Endocrinol. 2015 Mar 6. pii: EJE-14-1113.

PRKACA mutations in cortisol-producing adenomas and adrenal hyperplasia – a single-center study of 60 cases.

Thiel A… 287 more words