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Meme's Brother-in-Law, Steroid-Induced Bio

Help!! We get no answers but we have questions! My brother-in-law is 52 yrs old and has had a lifetime of prednisone use due to chronic asthma. 216 more words

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Straight, No Chaser: Hirsutism (Abnormal Female Hair Growth)

Have you ever wondered how and why some women develop more hair on their face and bodies than other women? That’s called hirsutism and is the topic of this  648 more words

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Cushing's 101

I’ve had a lot of women approach me on Instagram saying they either were just diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, think they have it and want to know more or feel as though the proper tests aren’t being done by their doctor’s/specialists despite having all the physical symptoms and the symptoms people don’t see (lack of sleep, energy and exhaustion). 1,847 more words

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Hair Test for Cushing Syndrome?

Cortisol levels in hair correlated strongly with standard tests

by Jeff Minerd
Contributing Writer, MedPage Today

Analyzing the levels of cortisol in hair may aid in the diagnosis of Cushing syndrome, perhaps one day replacing invasive blood tests, scientists said. 508 more words


Topical Ocular Glucocorticoid Leads to Cushing's Syndrome in 9-Year-Old

In a case report published online January 19 in Pediatrics, iatrogenic Cushing’s syndrome (CS) is described in a 9-year-old girl who received topical ocular glucocorticoid (GC) treatment for bilateral iridocyclitis. 199 more words


Some Lifestyle Tips for Cushing’s Syndrome

There are some ideas in the post below and some at http://www.cushings-info.com/index.php?title=Help_Yourself,_Part_1 (and also parts 2 and 3!)

Do you have any other helpful tips for the New Year? 502 more words

Cushing's Syndrome