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Cushing Patients Could Be Diagnosed, Subtyped Using Plasma Steroid Levels

Patients with different subtypes of Cushing’s syndrome (CS) have distinct plasma steroid profiles. This could be used as a test for diagnosis and classification, a German study says. 392 more words


Mania in Cushing's syndrome: case report. 

A case is described of recurrent mania without depressive episodes in a patient subsequently diagnosed as having an ACTH-producing basophil adenoma. The difficulties involved in the clinical and laboratory diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome, and the ramifications of neuroendocrinopathies’ ability to mimic symptoms of functional psychosis, are discussed.

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2 Health Conditions That Can Cause Hyperpigmentation

Addison’s disease: Hyperpigmentation is a classic symptom of Addison’s disease, an endocrine disorder in which the adrenal glands fails to produce steroid hormone. The disease causes darkening of the skin in certain areas. 42 more words


The Ten Rights of Medicalized Fiction (Part 4): The Right Disease.

The Right Disease: Physical and Mental Illness.

Abnormal appearance (See Richard III and The Hunchback of Notre Dame) or psychopathological behavior sets fictional characters apart. 1,445 more words

Study Highlights Importance of Clinical Follow-Up in Cushing’s Patients After Adenoma Removal

A rare case of Cushing’s syndrome (CS) in a 17-year-old patient with multiple pituitary adenomas highlights the importance of clinical follow-up in order to determine the best treatment options for patients. 450 more words


You Can't Tell Me.

Looking at social media accounts, you can’t always tell how someone is truly feeling. Social media accounts are full of fake smiles and fake happiness. I’m an example of that. 796 more words


P-R-E-G-N-A-N-C-Y (Epilogue)

Part 4.

The obstetricians, epidemiologists, and surgeon all agreed I needed to have my adrenal glands tended to and removed – the sooner the better. 1,562 more words