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Cushing's Syndrome

Prof André Lacroix, MD,  Richard A Feelders, MD, Constantine A Stratakis, MD, Lynnette K Nieman, MD

Published Online: 21 May 2015

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(14)61375-1


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Enzyme that triggers muscle wasting could be key to REVERSING signs of ageing | Daily Mail Online

Drawing on expertise from both the University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals Birmingham, they applied their knowledge of Cushing’s syndrome to the new problem (sarcopenia). 248 more words


Cushing's Syndrome | Seeking Alpha

Looking at the dizzying volatility in the government bond space and in continuation of our recent theme dealing with “alkaloids,” we remembered Cushing’s syndrome when choosing our title analogy, also known as “hypercortisolism” which is a collection of signs and symptoms due to prolonged exposure to cortisol (or QEs).

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Fat shaming

I understand how dangerous it is to be fat I really do and there are people out there who are risking their own lives by stuffing themselves but there are also a few obese people genuinely due to illness – yes, I’ve read what the haters say – they don’t and won’t ever believe that there are people out there who did not choose to be fat but really did get there through illness. 997 more words

Everything Changes, All The Time

Three years ago life was good.  I was running my own business and getting on with my life.  I had been struggling with health problems for a few years but nothing that ever got diagnosed or fixed.  613 more words

Severe psychosis due to Cushing's syndrome in a patient with a carcinoid tumour in the lung

Severe psychosis in patients with Cushing’s syndrome is a rare occurrence and can be extremely resistant to medical therapy. We describe a case of a 51-year-old Afro-Caribbean female patient, with refractory severe hypertension (initially resistant to polypharmacy) and gradual development of severe psychosis secondary to ectopic Cushing’s syndrome, who was subsequently diagnosed to have a carcinoid tumour in her lung. 102 more words