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Vlog 1 by Leanza Herrero and Acushla Obusan

A couple posts back, I talked about the fun Friday I had with my friend @leanzaherrero. It wasn’t much of a post but a post full of funny statements and random pictures and GIFs. 253 more words


Take 2.

I really don’t fashion blog. But maybe, just maybe fashion blogging would work out for me too. Maybe?

I still haven’t found someone who can take my outfit posts while I awkwardly pose in random places looking all sullen and BV. 201 more words


SOTD: Some Nights by Fun

This week has been crazy for me. The laughter, the tears. It’s all there for me. I’m just a big ball of emotions right now. To make all this worse, my grades haven’t been that great. 328 more words


Metal Mouth of Red

If I’ve never blogged that I’ve actually got a metal mouth full of braces, well then let me do so now.

Yes, the braces. Those metal brackets around your teeth that squeeze your teeth so closely together to form the ideal structure. 459 more words


AU Trip '12 [Part Five]

On my last full day in Australia, I was very much honored to attend @dee_wind’s wedding. Lovely marriage indeed! I was even able to play the flute version of “Next To You” by Justin Bieber! 413 more words


SOTD: A Team by Ed Sheeran

Busy busy, busy day as usual. Not a day has gone by since Junior year started that I’ve lived my days stress free. I truly, feel the pain of Junior year. 312 more words

Acushla Obusan

AU Trip '12 [Part Four]

Extremely late blog post, I know. But it’s better late than never! Anyway, on my fourth day in Australia, we really didn’t do much other than hang out and stroll, and run a couple errands. 109 more words