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Five Damn Good Reasons To Curse In Front Of Your Kids

When I was about eight years old, I heard my mom call a school bus driver a “fuckin’ cocksucker,” so it was a pretty sure thing that I was going to have a foul mouth. 784 more words

Fat Woman In A Camaro

that was me earlier struggling to get out of my son’s 1995 Camaro. I fought,strived,struggled,started to panic,started to cry,& when I finally got out I cussed like a sailor. 102 more words


Occasions When Profanity Is Acceptable!

I am not a fan of people using profanity, I think it makes you look stupid and whatever message you’re trying to get across will get lost as I focus on your use of potty words instead of big boy words.  849 more words


16 Stocking Stuffers For Girls Who Effing Love To Curse

We all have that one friend whose bluntness and “creative” way of expressing themselves is the source of considerable hilarity — even if it usually involves vulgarity. 235 more words

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Cuss words in Literature... are they acceptable or not?

I recently read an article about this, which inspired me to tackle the issue myself… Now, what exactly is the issue here? People ask me this because they are so desensitised to profanity that they simply accept it as a part of everyday reading. 197 more words


New Study Says Women Are More Likely To Cuss Than Men Are

A new study says that women are more likely to cuss than men are. Lets clear that up a little though, British women are more likely to cuss than men are. 42 more words