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Daily Prompt: No, Thank You. Dangerous Ice Cream.

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt is No, Thank You.

It asks: If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? 337 more words

The Daily Prompt

McDonald's Cursing Minion: WTF?!

Ok, I say curse some people say cuss or swear.  Whatever you call it, the Caveman Minion from McDonald’s isn’t doing it. 350 more words

Action Figure Speculation

Last year's cuss word and this year's

(This chuckle of the day is brought to you by Michael and his friend, B_______.)

B______: Why do your feet smell so dang good?! My dad teaches me one cuss word per year. 31 more words


for blog-sake, just read it

“The difficulty with humorists is that they will mix what they believe with what they don’t—whichever seems likelier to win an effect.”

John Updike, Rabbit, Run…

252 more words

What Could I Possibly Be Doing?

On this blog, I talk a lot about all the things that I use to distract me, media I engulf myself in to put swearing into the back of my mind. 598 more words


The Best Way to Tell A Story

On a shuttle, riding back from church

I lean forward in my seat and poke my head in the gap that’s between the two seats in front of me. 561 more words


Time for Another Long Awaited Personal Post!

It’s been more then enough time since my last post so it’s time to get back in the proper swing of things.

Progress so far on the project overall is….actually pretty good. 390 more words