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Cussing Christians

I grew up in the Bible Belt – in the Deep South. In that area, religion pervades every area of life. Even though most people are only marginally Christians, the Christian ideals influence the moral compass of that society. 680 more words

The Gaslamp Killer - Warm Wind (Frimpong)

Cool laidback album as opposed to his spastic live DJ sets with 10 second songs.


F*cking Famous

An update to my “Vanity” illustration.Copyright Andrea Young Designs 2016


Thoughts #1

I’m far being a writer that will etch their name in stone. I’m not saying I’m totally horrible, but I am realistic.

Why I am saying this? 285 more words

Why I Don't Cuss

In this world, it’s hard. Everyone around me is saying words that I hate, that I know God hates. Motherf*****, B****, Sh**, and many more. I don’t use them. 458 more words


The idiot in the grocery store

“When one burns one’s bridges, what a very nice fire it makes.” ~ Dylan Thomas

Yesterday, after having her ankle run into by the same woman’s shopping cart for the third time (while the woman loudly dropped f-bombs and worse cuss words over the cell phone), a woman in the next lane decided she had enough.  230 more words


Don't Pitty Me

I am just another random woman with a random blog. A place to vent and call my own where no one knows me. Not like cheers where everyone knows your name. 155 more words