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Life In Color

I’d rather be the one who cusses up a storm

When I drop the cake mix all over the floor.

Than the one who doesn’t screw up… 43 more words

Life Chatter

Not Appropriate for All Ages

The other day I found myself overly excited by some most wonderful news about a huge project I’ve been working on while I was on the phone with my sister and brother-in-law. 144 more words

I Grew up on a Farm in Virginia – No. 4

Days at the Beach (and How I learned to Cuss!)

In No. 3, we left me “afloat” on a stuffed horse in a mud puddle! 312 more words

I Grew Up On A Virginia Farm

The Atlantic: Opinion- Olga Khazan: The Social Benefits of Swearing

Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review

I’m going to give you an answer to why Americans swear so much at least now in public but also in private as well that is a lot less scientific than what Olga Khazan gives you. 621 more words



God I love swearing, don’t you?

There’s nothing like getting your tongue round some pithy gutteral ancient Anglo Saxon to relieve stress and tension.

But did you know that swearing was introduced to these shores by the Normans, who invaded in 1492 in attempt to steal back their Danegeld? 45 more words


Leaving my mark... in the worst way possible

I would say that 90 – 95% of my embarrassing stories have the same formula. I try to make everyone laugh by doing something socially inappropriate… no one laughs and then it’s just inappropriate. 276 more words

Embarrassing Stories

Does Cursing Cause Harm?

How often do you curse and do you feel bad about it when you do?

I suppose your answers to this question will all differ depending on age, job, living situations, etc. 525 more words