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What Could I Possibly Be Doing?

On this blog, I talk a lot about all the things that I use to distract me, media I engulf myself in to put swearing into the back of my mind. 598 more words


The Best Way to Tell A Story

On a shuttle, riding back from church

I lean forward in my seat and poke my head in the gap that’s between the two seats in front of me. 561 more words


Time for Another Long Awaited Personal Post!

It’s been more then enough time since my last post so it’s time to get back in the proper swing of things.

Progress so far on the project overall is….actually pretty good. 390 more words


Shut the f*** up! — the proper use of profanity & the need for propriety

I cuss. Probably more than I should. And far more than my kids think I do.

There is a time for profanity. There is a time for exalted words that express a depth of feeling other words simply can’t convey. 711 more words


Let's Continue to Target Online Media!

So I know my last analytical post was about an online show in which heavy swearing was an occurrence, but there’s many many more shows on the internet that features and highlights swearing. 361 more words


Defusing the bombs

Someone wiser than me (that’s covers pretty much everyone) once observed that no one ever left a movie theater saying, “Yeah, it was a good movie. 603 more words


Personal Update

Okay! Whew! Finally back to do my personal post!

Ha I bet you thought that I forgot again but nope I’m still kicking it on this blog. 377 more words