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This Is Why You Should Be Nice To People On Public Transportation, Especially If You Have An Interview That Day!

So your on the train on the way to work, and you go to get off at your stop. A guy bumps into you, and you explain that you are getting off here too. 43 more words


7 Things you can relate to if you are always CONFUSED - (By Vardha)

We all at some point in time think that we’re merely just confused beings. Confusion is the psychological situation where one is uncertain about what is happening, intended, or required. 369 more words


Ahmed- this is not the world I remember- (By Gargi Trivedi)

‘We have an exam tomorrow. I am not very good at algebra and I know that I would just pass in the exam. I often wonder, who created mathematics because whosoever did that is a complete idiot. 1,040 more words


A Form of Protest- (By Swati)

So, today seems to be the day for social activism in the University I attend. Because I don’t agree with the method of activism by the rest of the student population in my University, I thought I’d add my two cents here. 974 more words

Bad World

Reclaiming the cuss words- (By Nipun)

     Why Should We Reclaim All The Bad Words?

Even after being such an intricate part of our everyday lives, cuss words hold the power to break us emotionally. 938 more words


30 Day Challenge #4: Introduction

There’s a lot in store for this month and I’m excited!!

What I originally wanted from this whole project was to complete a series of challenges that by the end of my 30th would result in a happier, more improved if you will, version of me. 677 more words