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Mance, You're Such A Tease

A new Game of Thrones Season 5 teaser features Jon Snow rebuking Mance Rayder for uniting all the Wildlings, yet valuing his pride more than their survival. 354 more words

Linnet Likes

It's that time of year...

The hubby just came in from an afternoon spent sorting out our taxes and showed me (to the tune of hundreds of dollars) how I dropped the ball by incurring late fees and interest rates.   252 more words


Really Bad Words...And How to Get Away With It

Dear Buddy,

The other day coming home from school you were pleasantly chatty. The topic de jour was babies.

A few weeks ago you had decided very abruptly as we passed the infant room that you wanted a baby. 279 more words


Bad Words Are Good For Your Health According To New Report!

Some people say that cursing shows a “lack of intelligence,” but a new report says that it is actually good for your health!

Time.com reports: 89 more words


Floor Pillows

So, my kids are in love . . . With their floor pillows. It took me all of 10 minutes to sew (on a machine) these 35″ x 45″ pieces together. 399 more words

Just Letting You Know . . .


“Oh, fuck. What the fuck are you doing here, you fucker,” said George Clooney to a dead man in BURN AFTER READING.

Who among us do not know someone who over uses cuss words? 643 more words


James 3

In church this past week we learned about taming the tongue. Its crazy because in James 3:7 it says: man can successfully tame beast, birds, reptiles, and sea creature but we cannot control our own tongue. 177 more words