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judging others 1

This is a huge pet peeve of mine, so I might as well start the numbering of the title now.

I am weary of people who think they are better than another person. 332 more words

Twisted Tuesday - Liberty or Sin? Christians Cursing

A couple months ago, dear friends, I began noticing a few different things that were bothersome to me. I saw professing believers posting foul language, alcohol, and photos of themselves smoking cigars. 604 more words


The Power of Words, Specifically Curse Words

What is a curse word? Or cuss word?

Usually a crass piece of vocabulary used to express oneself when one is particularly peeved, pained or otherwise perturbed. 771 more words


Shut the Cuss Up

Yesterday I dropped two grenades: the F-bomb and a three-letter A-word. My kids were present. They were shocked.

I cuss like twice a year, but after six rounds of college entrance/financial aide bullcrap, my fist exploded into the table seventy times and the curse words erupted. 288 more words

Snow White Noir

I like writing noir style.  It’s so gloriously purple and often bizarre.  How I ended up taking Snow White down a dark, dank corridor, I don’t actually remember, but hey.  3,459 more words


Discipleship is a Direction

Recently I posted some things I had learned from a book I read called No Silver Bullets by Daniel Im. (Read that post here: “Inputs and Outputs for Growth and Maturity” 937 more words


Language, please!

If you have been following me for any length of time, you have probably already guessed that I like to cuss.  Is it curse or cuss? 508 more words