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Don't Judge A Message By Its Words

So, I had plans to post on this topic in the next few weeks.  I even had a post already written and scheduled to post today.  1,645 more words


In Defense of Four-Letter Words

Four-letter words have a bad rap.

A synonym for cussing for as long as I can remember, speaking one of these bawdry four-letter words in my youth always resulted in a certain mouth being washed out with a bar of soap. 1,093 more words


Mud Mask

This shit started when this friend I’ll call W was coming to visit with their new SO. The last time we saw W, they were at the end of a relationship, and it was rocky and bad;  words were exchanged, disappointments voiced, phone calls avoided and emails unreturned. 1,517 more words


Stepping into the Light: Confession Part 1

When I was young I loved listening to songs that cussed…like, a lot of cussing.

I was pretty much a church-going, hair-combing, Christian music-listening momma’s boy back in high school. 702 more words


The iconic poem of old women wearing red and purple together can also relate to other sensibilities, behaviors and values. Wearing red and purple together is small potatoes compared to some of the changes we make over our lifetimes. 696 more words

See What "Cussing" Sounds Like In The South

People in the south do cuss, but most cuss in a different way.  Many try to cuss as politely as possible.  This new video from It’s A Southern Thing demonstrates that, enjoy below!