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One-Liner Wednesday--Diminished Vocabulary

I have found that typing with an injured hand reduces my spoken vocabulary to four-letter words.

Author’s Note: This is part of the infamous Linda G. 19 more words

Linda G. Hill

Little Sponges - One-Liner Wednesday

“What should not be heard by little ears, should not be said by big mouths.” ~ unknown

This post is for One-Liner Wednesday, hosted by LindaGHill.


happy days

Remember how as a little kid you could not wait to grow up and how everything was fun and nothing really mattered? Don’t you miss that? 539 more words

Profanity: Why it's Such a Big Deal

In an environment that normalizes swearing, it’s easy to think that our words have no meaning. PG movies now contain more cuss words than were socially acceptable a few decades ago. 708 more words


The 6AM Monday Morning F-Bomb

After the alarm clock goes off, some make contrition.


'Let the Snorter Be Covered in Soot': Ancient Board Game Inscriptions

☩ μὴ θεόμαχος νήων. ☩

☩ ἀσβολόθη ὁ ῥονχάζων. ☩

Let the snorter / be covered in soot!

[MAMA X, 330=PH 269278]

Games of chance are never a silent endeavor; however, Romans found it rather uncouth to snort when Fortune was not on your side. 908 more words

Naughty words

This morning a friend and I were swapping anecdotes about our childhood language goofs.

Leslie explained that when she was little, she had 8 siblings. So, other than a one-fell-swoop family party, individual birthdays were only celebrated on the fifth and twelfth years. 299 more words

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