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Get Up Poll: GRIFF Talks About Working To Cuss Less [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

As Erica Campbell asks, “what are you working on?” in this Get Up Poll. She acknowledges that we all have our own personal struggles; promises we’ve made to ourselves about doing better and being better. 170 more words

Get Up Erica

Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: (8/30)

Tuesdays are dedicated to posts I have come across over the past week that I want to share with all of you! It’s all about sharing the love and giving shout outs to some amazing bloggers! 338 more words


Adult talk 101!

Ok ladies and gents, I am about to open that can of worms, acknowledge the elephant in the room, talk about what no one else wants to. 474 more words

20 of My Biggest Turn Offs

Hey people,

The purpose of this post is to reveal 20 of my biggest turn offs. Please read and comment with opinions and your personal turn offs! 446 more words


Mama has a Sailor Mouth

“The Fourth Grade Cussing Club…” I don’t know how it really started, except that one day on the playground, I suddenly found myself a part of it…and you just had to say bad words to belong. 1,807 more words

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Friday Post:- Things I've learned this week.

My one brain cell is obviously trying very hard at this remembering lark because looky here . . .   the THIRD Friday Post!  I never dreamed I’d make it past the first one so to be here with the 3rd is nothing short of unbelievable to me! 2,303 more words

The Cobweborium Emporium

Week 3, thunder storms.

Look, I come from Miami. Otherwise known as “Hurricania-landia”. Where Andrew damn near destroyed my neighborhood and Katrina flooded most of our cars. I am no stranger to natural disasters by any means. 112 more words