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Toddler Finds Out Santa Is Coming To His House, Drops A "What The $#%*"

Looks like this tiny to made the naughty list this year. However, we’re hoping he gets a pass from Santa since he realized he made mistake. 58 more words


12 Days of Faves

Day 5: Metal Marvels

Hi.  My name is Brianna and I cuss.  A lot.  Not sorry.

If the above sentence is basically you, let me introduce you to a company called… 137 more words


Light Me Up

FUCK YOU.  This phrase rolls off my tongue now, I am so familiar with it.  The girls with their smooth, mousy brown hair and their planners with Bible verses look at me like I am a pariah every time I say it.  1,290 more words


Well, hello there.


So, this is my first post. How are you? Are you good? I hope you’re good. I’m Elle. I’m a plus size, 24 year old lady who’s living at home with her parents while she attends University. 163 more words


In the Crapper

Montana is incredible in a number of ways, with innovative thinking at the top of the list. On a drive one afternoon during a visit to that fair state, we saw a tipped-over outhouse that’s now cleverly used as a junction box for telephone and electrical wires. 118 more words


''Twas the night before Thanksgiving by Janet

(Let me give you some background of Janet. Janet is my alter ego she cusses and says what’s on her mind no sugar coating. She usually takes over when I’m upset, frustrated or need to be more aggressive) I will suggest some of you just go to the next post because Stephanie have left the building… 605 more words

Stephanie And Janet's World

Want Happiness, Your Words Create Your ...

Back in March of 1981, when I was in college, I came back from Spring Break early for a little quiet time in the apartment before my roommates came back. 553 more words