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[Life: 4, Me: 0]

Okay, so I know this may not be the most interesting blog post I make, but hey I said I wanted to write about my “adventures.” Well let me just walk you through my day yesterday. 354 more words


Things to Keep in Mind, Modernly

According to the ancient Gaelic Brehon laws the requirements of a Filidh were; ‘purity of hand, bright without wounding, purity of mouth, without poisonous satire, purity of learning, without reproach, purity of vows.’ 62 more words


i use to never cuss. i also hated profanities. but i’ve changed now. cussing is all i can do since no words can describe how i feel anymore.

Ask the Passengers - A. S. King

No one is perfect.

There are sort of three stories in one with this novel, which takes a little bit to get really into but it’s worth the wait. 632 more words

14 And Over

Fuck 10 Times

So, fuck, shit, bitch, slut, whore and cunt.
Blunt, smoke one if you need to get through
This poem.
Because… these are the words
We have become offended by, 354 more words


Sensor My Words For My Child's Ears? $*%# That.

“Um, Ma’am…can I see you in my office for a second?” 

I had never been called into the daycare office before and I was concerned something serious had happened. 417 more words


This is a test!

I’ve never really written a blog but I do keep a diary. I’m guessing it is just like that…well except that I really shouldn’t share my dark little secrets. 502 more words

Being A Better Parent