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I Have Mommy Mouth

In my adult life I have been known to say a dirty word or two. Sometimes there is nothing better, especially when you are really angry, than letting a good forbidden word fly. 307 more words


!*?!*& - Say What?

A great article from Michael Hyatt points out how profanity is costing businesses more than they might think.

When Pinterest dies

My Pinterest app died. Shit just got real. As in, I’ll have to put my phone down and do real shit.

I’ve truly been pretty busy today. 157 more words

Cussing Is Not What Damns People To Hell

We had a good, and I hope helpful, dialogue in episode 13 of our weekly To Be The Church Podcast about the issue of cussing/swearing. We discussed the topic in terms of our practical theology as Christians; how our belief in God works itself out in our individual lives and Christian community. 760 more words



Fellow writers,
I implore us —
It’s time that we be
More decorous.

I don’t mean to
Be a censor,
But we must be
Less intense, or… 26 more words


Bleepity Bleep Bleep: Sin Issue or Holiness Issue

As a Christian, it is easy for me to get into this cultural surrounding where there is no cussing.  I think it is widely accepted that cussing is bad, even nonbelievers find it crass and unnecessary, but I think there has been an increase in my generation and young people across America who cuss all the time.   345 more words

For The Sake Of Blogging

Choice of words

Alright, everyone says cuss words and everyone says words as an expression of a curse regardless of it is offensive or not. What strikes me as odd as people who do not believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior. 639 more words