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So before we start this relationship, there’s something you should know.  I cuss like fucking sailor.  If my frequent (although totally relevant,  in my  opinion) use of profanity offends you delicate sensibilities, then I’m not your girl.  66 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

No Cussing

Public profanity immediately lowers your value & makes your family look low class. When did women start to think this is cute? It’s not!

Cursing is extremely unattractive & will repel good men. 75 more words


Dear Jack: 5 “Bad Words” You Use When You’re around People You’re Comfortable With

5 and a half years old.

Dear Jack,

This past weekend, as Mommy’s sister’s family was in town from Pennsylvania, they got to hear all about… 540 more words


Oh this? This is just an outlet for "fuck".

Fuck, I swear a lot! No, I mean a lot–a metric fuckton, if you will. I grew up in a household where swearing just happened. Actually, my dad was the biggest proponent of swearing in the house. 565 more words


A fucking idea about cuss words

Parents, teachers, relatives, employers, and some friends hate to hear cuss words.  I’ve often heard that cussing means you have a poor vocabulary, that you’re dumb, not creative enough to use other words, and similar accusations. 205 more words


Curses, Curses

Good Day,

How’s your Wednesday? Hopefully you’re out changing the world already!! It’s been a day or two since I’ve talked to you! I promise tomorrow you’ll get a nice juicy update. 514 more words


When I wake up in the morning


I have morning priorities, just like everyone else. The first thing to do is to hit Snooze, just in case. Gotta pee, so head that way. 197 more words