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Cussing Christians

I grew up in the Bible Belt – in the Deep South. In that area, religion pervades every area of life. Even though most people are only marginally Christians, the Christian ideals influence the moral compass of that society. 680 more words

Jesus in the Ball Game

The amount of times I’ve heard people cuss and swear and use the Lord’s name in vain during a football match. It’s quite staggering. Appealing to Jesus because the referee gave someone a yellow card, then appealing to God Almighty when it’s a red, and words I cannot describe when it’s a straight red. 330 more words


Cuss like a Street Vendor

My favourite topic of all time when talking about Vietnamese has got to be swear words. I’ve had many people of different nationalities ask me to teach them a few Vietnamese swear words, and I’ve always happily obliged. 1,307 more words


The deal with swearing

So here’s the thing (I feel) about swearing. Don’t overuse it. When you starting saying qtiyapa, bullship, fudge you, excessively in day-to-day conversations (read: in every other sentence you speak) – it loses its effectiveness. 97 more words


To Swear or Not to Swear, That Is the F***ing Question.

I like to swear. Like, a lot. In my daily life, I swear so often my wife is genuinely afraid I will turn our future children into foul-mouthed street urchins willing to flash their giblets for cigarette money. 1,126 more words


I love Jesus, but I Cuss a Little

When I was young, I was a very good girl. I couldn’t even say ‘jerk’ without feeling the sting of conviction. Anything that felt bad rolling off my tongue kept itself tucked in good’n’tight.  1,307 more words