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Aphasia, unable to speak.

It’s not too often that I become aphasic, those of you who know me will be aware of this. 501 more words

Why Do They Curse The Name Of The Son Of God?

January 15

“And my name is blasphemed continually every day.”
Isaiah 52:5

Have you ever wondered WHY it is the name of the Lord that people use when they curse? 154 more words


Losing It

Do you ever feel like you are seriously losing your mind? Yeah? Me too. Every. Single. Day.

When I picked Cam up from school he was probably in the worst mood I have seen him in recently. 628 more words

Is It Okay for Christians to Swear?

When I was in 8th grade, I was a huge baseball player. Huge in the sense that I loved playing, not in the sense that I was all that great. 1,018 more words

Responsible Cursing

My husband and I made the collective decision to not stop cursing when my son was born. We gave up so much for that child. We were not going to give up this too! 760 more words

Strong As A Mother

Cursing, Swearing, and Cussing Explained

Before, you start reading, I am going to warn you explicitly and nicely.

I will be using the “F” word several times. And not a bleeped out version of it. 2,149 more words


Cussing -- it ain't good for you! (Or your hearers.)

Using profanity ambushes you (and your hearers) with negative and self-esteem-destroying thoughts and emotions. Cussing fills your life (and your hearers) with the same destructive words, repeated over and over. 252 more words