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The Duality of Cussing

I grew up in a bilingual household. No big deal. But, it’s not what you think– like Spanish, French, German, Hindi, or Hebrew. No. I cuss in filter and unfiltered language. 664 more words


In Case You Were Wondering: Why Is it Bad for Christians to Cuss?

I’m working on a project I’ve got to get done this week (prayer appreciated!), so I’ll be re-running a few favorite articles from the archives in lieu of new content. 581 more words

In Case You Were Wondering

An NHL Referee Dropped A Pair Of F-Bombs While His Mic Was On

Ref with the live mic yelling "f–ck you! f–ck you!"

Ah yes, this is the stuff I live for. pic.twitter.com/ExMC4XLx0F

— AOL KEYWORD: Mike (@mikeFAIL) …

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Conversations with mum and dad - Episode 2: You know you swear too much when you can't think of another word for ar*ehole

Mum: You’ve read The Picture of Dorian Gray haven’t you?

Me: Yeah, I read it in school.

Mum: What was it about?

Me: It was about this guy who had a portrait of himself which got uglier as he turned into more of an ar… 61 more words


Monday's Are Not the Hardest

Yeah, Monday is hard for me. I have to wake up early after getting to sleep in on the weekend, and getting the kids off to school is a bit of a chore because of the weekend chaos and the losing of backpacks, shoes, socks, clean clothes, hairbrushes, detanglers, ponytail holders, and any number of other things both large and small. 340 more words

Thoughts And Musings

You Don't Have a Point

I’ve been involved in a rather silly Facebook “debate” this evening. I enjoy a good battle of words and since this woman didn’t have enough since to keep her misguided opinion to herself rather than try to defame a perfect stranger, I went to bat. 750 more words