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I Love Jesus But I Cuss a Little

I’m about to get all controversial on y’all. I saw this quote on Instagram not too long ago and I chuckled and thought, “yep, that is so me”. 526 more words


Writers should most definitely swear!

My last blog post made a lot of people very angry, who in turn made me pretty angry. But one thing that really grated was the comments about swearing. 1,064 more words


Page 35

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Bad Words

In the odd event that you didn’t know or haven’t figured it out yet, I am a Sailor. More than that I am a US Navy Submarine Sailor, which means that (a) I curse like a Sailor and (b) I really don’t give a (obscenity deleted) what anybody thinks about it. 79 more words


My Foul Language 😁

Growing up I didn’t say bad words, I slipped a few times in 6th grade, but don’t we all? My Mema threatened to wash my mouth out with soap and blister my butt if I said bad words around her, plus it was considered extremely disrespectful to cuss around your elders… Until I turned 18! 235 more words

L and the retaining wall

We had a stone wall put in at the back of the yard because the engineers thought that we should. I must admit that I only agreed because they said it was for the security of my family and property (the wall was ridiculously expensive). 650 more words


Shirley Manson's Guide To Cussing.

As a person who uses obscenities on a fairly regular basis, (besides when I’m on radio) I was extremely enthused to hear some swear words from my old home.  The United Kingdom.