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Monday's Are Not the Hardest

Yeah, Monday is hard for me. I have to wake up early after getting to sleep in on the weekend, and getting the kids off to school is a bit of a chore because of the weekend chaos and the losing of backpacks, shoes, socks, clean clothes, hairbrushes, detanglers, ponytail holders, and any number of other things both large and small. 340 more words

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You Don't Have a Point

I’ve been involved in a rather silly Facebook “debate” this evening. I enjoy a good battle of words and since this woman didn’t have enough since to keep her misguided opinion to herself rather than try to defame a perfect stranger, I went to bat. 750 more words

People Who Cuss Are More Honest According To Scientists!

According to Daily Mail, people who swear are more honest, a psychological study has found. They say swearing is the ‘unfiltered, genuine expression of emotions’. 44 more words


If I hadn’t gone to a small, private Catholic school full of quirky teachers, I wouldn’t have had the encouragement I had to write.

Maybe I would make more money if I’d gone to public school. 473 more words


3 Times My child has embarrassed me in public

We’ve all been the mom or dad walking through target with a screaming kid and a dead look in our eye; I just want to get my crap and get out. 443 more words

People Who Swear More Often Are More Honest

Interesting study from psychologists at the University of Cambridge: people who swear more often are more honest than those who don’t.

Researchers found that those who drop four-letter words care less about social rules, which means they’re offering “unfiltered” and “genuine” expressions of emotions, instead of messages that are toned down in order to be polite. 154 more words