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Let Them Cuss

It was a lovely, but competitive evening. I was playing a game with a group of guys when all of a sudden one of them made a mistake. 688 more words


Sometimes, Swearing is a Damn Good Thing

There will be foul language in this post.

Okay, I promise you now that this is not going to be a post where I cuss in every other sentence to prove my point. 698 more words


Get a Grip-- It's Granny's First Gripes!

Miley’s cultivating armpit hair!  Trump wants to be POTUS!   A new Qualtic survey reports that those who wear skinny jeans are 9% happier than the rest of us.   266 more words



Preteen camp was something I simultaneously anticipated and dreaded.  I liked the activities, and I liked being outside, but four days of constantly being around people?  1,245 more words


She's Prone to Outspokenness and Cusses Occasionally

Recently, the female in-laws all gathered to plan me a baby shower. The family gathering is not an uncommon occurrence. We’re a lovable bunch. Hysterical. Just good people. 252 more words


What's Your Dad's Favorite Cuss Word?

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Hope you already have a gift in mind! You don’t want to get caught without one! You might get a spanking. 97 more words