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Sometimes, Nothing is Black And White

Sometimes, Nothing is Black and White

Kevin Costner fans unite. My man has turned in yet another A+ performance, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s surrounded by an appropriate cast of Hollywood all-stars. 237 more words



This summer, I decided to try the only thing I had never dared to do – call my husband’s ex in an attempt to make peace. 943 more words

Being A Stepmom

I was kidnapped by my mother

September 13, 2015

Source: The Guardian

CJ Daugherty’s father wore a gun on his hip and had an obsession with Satan. One night, her mother woke her and told her to pack a suitcase – fast… 1,708 more words

Surviving and Thriving Through the Toughest Parenting Battles

Have you ever been in Court when a judge loses it? I mean the judge really cannot contain him/herself anymore when one of the parties won’t settle down; won’t stop their rant; will always talk back; has an answer for everything always making it the other person’s fault even when the lame excuses are absolutely see-through? 1,057 more words

A Little Something Is Better Than Nothing...

So after three painstakingly slow and torturous weeks of this back-and-forth with the girls and worrying about how they’re being treated where they’ve been staying…and losing all faith and hope in a system that SHOULD have protected them, but didn’t…we’ve finally made some headway. 1,023 more words


Raising Children, It's Not About You.

Love this article:  This is How you Know You Raised A Good Kid.

It is interesting watching your children grow as adults.  I am amazed how little the details matter – like what kind of car they drive, what their partner looks like, or what they do for a living.   270 more words


Mum could be jailed for going on the run in child custody battle

June 22, 2015

Source: eveningtelegraph

A mother who went on the run with her three-year-old son during a bitter custody battle could be jailed.

Rebecca Minnock, 35, is facing committal proceedings launched by her ex-partner Roger Williams, 39, after she defied two court orders concerning their son Ethan Williams. 237 more words