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"She is my heart..." Bryce Cook, Father, Fighting to Gain Custody of Premie Daughter

(Idaho Falls, Idaho: January 2018)  Bryce Cook is fighting to gain custody of his premie daughter, Bryelle, who was placed in foster care after he reported the child’s mother for alleged drug use. 493 more words


Love's Journal #32

The day started out nicely. I borrowed the car to buy myself some healthy fruits using my Publix gift card the cat family had given me. 151 more words


Welcome To Midlife Manhood

While I may have always been a Beta Boy in my relationships with women, perhaps I’ve always been a Red Pill Dad. Perhaps many will say it’s not possible but I disagree and from some of the feedback I’ve received from my children, they would agree with my assessment as well. 339 more words

Beta Bucks

Custody Battles/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

A mediator/attorney whose thoughts have appeared in this blog is Marcy Jones, Esq. I came across an undated article of Mr. Jones’ entitled “Thinking About a Custody Battle? 262 more words

Civil Divorce

Wanting And Wishing

Some nights I can’t fall asleep. Some nights I fall asleep and can’t stay asleep. Some nights I have nightmares. Some nights I don’t. Some nights, I don’t fall fully asleep, almost feeling like the brain equivalent of locking my phone but not fully turning it off. 1,471 more words


Dueling values, familiar battles, and a seven-year-old math prodigy, who needs what all children need~ to know that they are loved~ are the spokes of this rather run-of-the-mill custody courtroom drama. 380 more words

There is no substitute for a loving parent.

Who wins when custody courts decide that a previously loving, fun, awesome parent will now get 4 days out of every month (!) to spend with a child they used to tuck in every night, read stories to, do homework with, engage with in discussions of politics, car mechanics, physics and the abstract notion of why farts smell and tears are salty? 733 more words

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