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The Fight.

Shortly after I kept the kids over night, I heard from my lawyer. Trudy’s lawyer had been in touch, and they weren’t happy. They kept throwing around some “unilateral” term. 837 more words

Kwara takes custody of housemaids injured with knife

Olufolake, wife of Kwara State Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, has directed the state Ministry of Women Affairs to take custody of two housemaids allegedly injured with a knife by their mistress Bilikis Mohammed for not flushing the toilet after use. 118 more words


Moving Forward.

After the dust settled and the funeral had passed, it was time to get a hold of my life. Losing a best friend really puts things into perspective. 1,134 more words


“They who do not decree (rule/govern/adjudicate) according to that (Shariah) which Allah has revealed, verily they are kaafiroon.” (Qur’aan) 605 more words

A.s. Desai

Roll Across The Skies

Sundays are exchange day with my ex. The kid is always a little rocky and strange, understandably. He moves from one home with one set of rules (or lack thereof), and into another where the dynamic is different, the activities are not created around what he wants to do, the day is usually already mapped out, and involves another adult and a dog, at least. 1,158 more words

Tragedy Strikes.

After leaving mediation that day, I was left scared. I had this lawyer that I was paying a lot of money for, and hoped she would be there for me. 1,033 more words

Transfer of Custody as a Sanction Not Permitted Without Best Interest Analysis Under N.J.S.A. 9:2-4

By:  Thomas A. Grossi, Esq.

In a recent published decision, A.J. v. R.J., the Appellate Division reversed and remanded the trial court’s ruling that awarded a transfer of custody as a sanction without a best interest analysis.  295 more words