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Affidavit of Donna St. Germaine

Donna answered a newspaper add from the Star Phoenix for a babysitting job in August, 1983. On August 17, 1983, she turned up for her first day of work. 605 more words

Affidavit of Maria Poitras

Maria was our neighbor in Saskatoon during the spring and summer of 1983. She often babysit us.
Maria stated that

“Prior to the arrival of…

204 more words

Affidavit of Terry R. Thompson

Terry  worked for my dad (my sisters dad) on the farm during the harvest season of 1982.

During his time on the farm, we were also living there with our mother. 381 more words

Affidavit of Lorie Kloth

In June 1983, Lorie was 17 years old when she answered a job ad in from the newspaper. The job was for a live in babysitter to care for me and my sister. 107 more words

Part 2 : So you want custody back?

I left off filling out paperwork. Two forms. Complaint for Modification and Application for Indigency. I filled these out. Then I had to take the forms to the local Sheriffs so that they can serve the Defendant. 952 more words

Minimizing Conflict in Divorce and Custody Cases

How to back off– for the good of your case– after years of heated emails, phone calls, and in-person interactions.

It can be very difficult to keep your cool when you feel you’ve been wronged, but staying calm and focusing on productive solution-building is critical in divorce and custody cases. 495 more words


Maryland Child Custody - What ARE the Best Interests of the Child?

When it comes to where a child of separated parents lives, the child’s schedule for spending time with each parent, and decision-making about a child, the guiding principle is the child’s best interests. 1,237 more words

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