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Peugeot 50cc ripper for sale

For sale $600.

Tomahawk Peugeot engine malossi 50cc polygon ready to rip.

Ported cases and cylinder, polini head, doppler crank, polini flat reed, polini intake, dell’orto 19mm carb, Mbk cdi, doppler er3 variator. 28 more words

Bidalot G3 en preparation

Evolutions 2016 pour le mbk vintage de circuit.

Alleger la machine, nouvelle mono coque et bulle, fourche Paioli 30mm reglable, amortisseurs Fournales oleo-pneumatiques, moteur Bidalot G3 europe 2013. 27 more words

PUCH MAXI 54cc h20 bike SOLD $3,500


A unique and fast PUCH one speed case inducted e50 bottom engine (by Shaw US Moped Guru) with Minarelli horizontal bolt pattern for any h2o scooter kit from 50 to 75cc monster power. 101 more words

Peugeot 103 T-Hawk FOR SALE $4,000


Malossi 70cc h2o cylinder

Malossi race cases

Doppler race crankshaft

Motobecane cdi ignition

Yamaha scooter water pump custom bracket

MBK radiator

Vapor water temperature gauge… 79 more words

Puch E50 Rebuild

Here is a Puch E50 that I rebuilt for a project I am working on.

You can find manuals online.

There is a great tutorial on how to rebuild them here: 373 more words


Rockstar Moby, Dark Dream edition

Custom moped 1978 Motobecane Av10 50cc 2 stroke variated transmission.



Stock av1o cases, doppler crank, doppler 50cc cylinder, doppler head, doppler stock 2 petal reed valve, dell orto 19mm carb, doppler exhaust modified, stock mbk cdi, mbk kick start, doppler er3 variator, doppler pulley, malossi belt, stock engine spring, custom launch lever. 281 more words

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