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Gravity Box arrives for Android Lollipop.

Just a couple of weeks back XPOSED Framework released their official source for Lollipop, though it’s in alpha stage, it’s works just fine, haven’t faced a major issue yet. 220 more words


OnePlus brings OxygenOS

OnePlus shook the world a year ago when it announced the One – the flagship killer that no one expected that such a device would ever exist. 149 more words

Build CyanogenMod: 7. Extracting proprietary files from an already built CyanogenMod ROM

Hi ! :) If you have issues in directly getting proprietary blobs from the the device, for an example while building the source if you often get make errors saying some files are missing, instead pull files from device you can obtain them from a already built CyanogenMod ROM. 1,422 more words

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What is meant by Rooting an android smartphone !

The answer to this question is widely available on many forums and websites. I would just like to collate it here-

Rooting an Android Phone… 439 more words


My Sony Xperia Z3 Root Story - How? Why? and what now...

Don’t worry, this is not gonna be one of these pieces trying to tell you why you should or shouldn’t root, it’s nothing more than my thoughts on having root and how I got it on my Sony Xperia Z3 for the first time after I used it for about 4 months without any mods or anything like that 1,244 more words


OnePlus teases its custom OxygenOS ROM, will reveal more on February 12

The tensions between CyanogenMod and OnePlus have been well documented over the recent months, with OnePlus even going as far as removing Cyanogen branding from its most recent shipments of phones. 232 more words


BrokenOs. A Custom ROM Far From Broken.

Years ago I decided I was no longer happy with the stock firmware that came packaged along with my device. Samsung’s very own Touchwiz. Not to mention it was layered on top of Android Gingerbread. 1,237 more words