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Why your Blog is not Getting Social Shares?

One among the problems that many bloggers face today is to build a consistent traffic base. Boosting traffic is the most basic concern of any blogger, but to obtain this seems difficult. 358 more words

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5 Golden Rules to Write the Articles that Journalists Really Wants

Although, writing a content is easy, but to get the expert status before your name is not so easy? One of the easiest ways to achieve this, is to appear in print and for that you need to follow the five golden rules that guarantee to showcase you as a professional. 325 more words

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How to check your article writing service is ineffective?

When it comes to online content marketing, article writing services increases your brand value and presence. It is the content of your website which helps you carve your niche and stay on the top. 377 more words

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Tips and Tricks for Effective Content Writing

When you are just starting your business website, there are ways to ensure that you are taking the path to success with your venture with a content writer. 508 more words

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5 Tips to be a professional Content writer

Due to flourishing digital marketing industry, content writers are in great demand today. With small and big businesses developing website, the need of content writers seems to be rising with each passing day. 294 more words

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iWrite Professionals is looking for Freelance Article Writers

Do you want to write for one of the leading freelance writing job provider? Do you want earn money by writing about topics and subjects that are expert in? 352 more words

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Chapter 2

“You should join me! I’m going to that art exhibition. Its only a block from your house,” I suggested to George. We were walking on the pavement opposite the school. 357 more words