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The #Outside-In rule in #Marketing (think like a #customer). #Food and #Restaurant

So, you have a very cozy Restaurant that is located on a very centric location. The space is huge and you are able to accommodate a lot of customers. 197 more words


What happen when the food is not the worse part of your overall #customerexperience? #Marketing

I remember few months ago that I went to this new Italian restaurant they have just opened and ordered the worse Lasagna ever. Since I was the one who ordered this, and because I felt that it tasted horrible I decided not to eat it. 504 more words


Metrics That Destroy Your Organisation

In this post I’m going to show you the serious effect metrics can have on your organisation and customers. At the end of the post I’ll also offer some practical advice on how you should apply¬†this information. 667 more words


Customer Experience Rooms: What Are They? Should Your Company Create One?

Looking to build a customer centric culture? With enough resources, it may worth looking at building a customer experience room. 218 more words

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The Disgruntled Client Series

Dear suppliers,

You see, when you do things well, you get business. When you do things badly, you end up paying for the disappointment. Why? Because doing things well is the norm, the expected, the business as usual. 597 more words


CRM Lecture 18

Page 46 – Customer centric organisational structure

Page 47 – Four essential steps of customer centric organisational structure

Customer Relationship Management In Banking And Insurance

Web Design: A Two Way Street

When thinking about websites, I always try to look at priorities from both sides of the screen.

First, the customer. What are their priorities? After all, the web is a utility. 284 more words

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