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Pretending it's new

When some leaders wake up to reality, when they slowly start to notice that things are in fact meaningfully different from how they were before, we often witness a self-absorbed, I’ve just found Jesus and I need to tell you all about it, kind of thing take over. 279 more words


UI/UX Cheat Sheet

Central to the concept of Inbound Marketing is User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). Inbound Marketing aims to pull in their customers through segmented, targeted, and perfectly positioned… 887 more words

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Empowering customers

This should be the main goal of all companies, this should be the saint grail, the ultimate goal and the reason why companies and business exists – to… 702 more words


La tua azienda è customer-centrica?

NOTA AICEX:¬†esploriamo insieme cosa significa customer-centricity quando la maggior parte dell’interazione avviene lontano dal customer service tradizionale.

Forbes magazine recently published an interesting focus… 257 more words

Customer Experience

TALKING is easy. STARTING is harder..... but SUSTAINING is the hardest Customer Experience challenge of all!

Do you work for an organisation that aspires to ‘put the customer first’? Have you listened to senior leaders in your business talk about the importance of ‘being customer centric?’ Does your company have a ‘value’, or ‘vision’ or ‘mission’ that makes reference to ‘focusing on the customer’? 1,209 more words

Customer Experience

The drip method of irrelevance

At first, the shift is almost imperceptible.

With quarterly earnings expectations to hit, we tell ourselves we can easily save a few bucks by automating some of our customer service functions. 356 more words

Being Remarkable

5 Characteristics That Define The Future of Successful Marketing

For the past number of weeks, I have been reading many contradictory articles talking about the future of marketing. Some say content marketing has no future; some are bullish on it. 659 more words

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