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The Beauty of a well Designed and Executed Process

Whilst consulting down in London for a client, I pop out quite frequently for lunch at a small local Cafe / ‘Wrap- bar’.  The establishment is only about 8.5 square metres in size, and customers queue outside in long lines sometimes to get served.   278 more words

Small Business

Being Customer-Centric Is A Strategy, Not A Positioning

To distance itself from its competitors, TELUS released a new commercial entitled “Scream”, further supporting its customer-centric position as the mobile service provider who cares. It features a man waiting on hold for customer-service with another provider…and his frustration. 694 more words


What Does It Mean to Be Customer Centric?

Virtually all retailers understand that long-term success is only possible with happy, fulfilled customers. But what does it take to be truly “customer centric”?
Consider the following slideshow from… 105 more words
Part 3: Targeting Customers And Gathering Information

The ecosystem of connection

We probably all realize that we are going through a connection revolution.

For many of us, scarcity of information, choice and access has given way to an abundance of stuff. 250 more words


A dim signal amidst the noise

We’ve all been taught that successful brands need a unique value proposition and that we must craft a distinctive positioning. And certainly most organizations spend a lot of time honing their business models and churning out sales programs and marketing campaigns designed to one-up the competition and compel the customer to choose us. 236 more words

Being Remarkable

Pretending it's new

When some leaders wake up to reality, when they slowly start to notice that things are in fact meaningfully different from how they were before, we often witness a self-absorbed, I’ve just found Jesus and I need to tell you all about it, kind of thing take over. 279 more words


UI/UX Cheat Sheet

Central to the concept of Inbound Marketing is User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). Inbound Marketing aims to pull in their customers through segmented, targeted, and perfectly positioned… 887 more words

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