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Becoming truly customer-centric and personalized

Focusing and organizing your company around the customer, not functions or products, is the only way to become truly customer-centric. While loyalty and rewards programs are a great tool to increase engagement, they are only one part of becoming customer-centric. 650 more words

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Perhaps an ambiguous title this time as it can be interpreted in various ways. I think that all these interpretations are one of the most significant problems with PLM. 1,211 more words


WSL: Costruire una Cultura Customer First

AICEX: Quando ti dicono che è in corso un progetto per avere una azienda Customer Centric e tu chiedi “ma i vostri dipendenti sono felici?” talvolta ti guardano come se avessi chiesto una cosa fuori tema.

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Intelligent Part or Product Numbers?

For those who have followed my blog over the years, it must be clear that I am advocating for a digital enterprise explaining benefits of a data-driven approach where possible. 827 more words


Lean Wednesday Tip: Fulfilling Buyer Needs

“An over-designed product causes waste and increases overhead. It is best that you gather insightful insights from customers to ensure you truly comprehend what they really want in a product instead of over-designing a product that no one wants to buy or understands how to use.”


The emerging role of a Product Manager

When I started working with SmarTeam Corp.  in 1999, the company had several product managers, who were responsible for the whole lifecycle of a component or technology. 1,045 more words


How Do You Eat a Whole Cake?

Slice by slice of course.

So let’s think of marketing and communications strategy as a cake.

There are a hundred thousand different ways that you could… 475 more words

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