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Help your customer to buy - don't wrestle them into submission

In a recent post I talked about how important focusing in on the right buyer is to a B2B company, in this post I’ll talk about how you can develop your sales process to serve that buyer by helping them to buy from you. 683 more words

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Retail's big reset

It’s been happening for a few years now, but the pace is accelerating.

Retailers waking up to the reality of a slow or no growth world. 310 more words

Being Remarkable

Innovation at Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a recognised leader in Customer Service and the Nordstrom Innovation Lab is an example of why.

Check it out here…

and for a more detailed look…

Customer Experience

Big Corporates Becoming 'Customer Centric'?

A recent article on CMO, recently articulated what one big Australian Corporate, AMP, is doing to become customer centric.

he company kicked off the journey in 2013, appointing its first chief customer officer, Paul Sainsbury, as well as a dedicated customer relations team.

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Big Data does not have all the answers

An insightful article by Martin Lindstrom, on why everything we learn about customers from analysing (Big) data is, well, not everything.

Martin uses the example of LEGO, and the numerous ‘big data’ studies LEGO commissioned that saw the company veer off course. 328 more words

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