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A Customer Centric Vision

A recent blog post from Annette Franz reminds us of the importance of a company vision statement that captures the essence of what the company aims to do for customers. 135 more words

Customer Experience

Supporting the groundswell.

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This week’s reading was on chapter eight of the book ‘groundswell’, which talked about how groundswell users can support themselves through the use of online support communities. 595 more words

PLM, IoT, and ALM related to my Garmin

Potential digital transformation is everywhere. This time I want to share a personal story based on my IoT cycling device from Garmin. Several years ago I became an enthusiastic cyclist, mainly because it clears your mind and cycling keeps you in good shape after enjoying customer visits with great dinners and excellent breakfasts. 1,028 more words


Talking with the groundswell.

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This week’s reading of the groundswell was on the topic of “talking with the groundswell”. Some of the main points I was able to understand from this chapter was that talking differs from your traditional marketing, aka ‘shouting’ which has been losing its effectiveness as time goes on. 646 more words

The PLM dialogue continued

Last week I published a dialogue I had with Flip van der Linden, a fellow Dutchman and millennial, eager to get a grip on current PLM. 1,015 more words


Connecting with the Groundswell to transform your company

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Closing this week, along with some rain outside, involved reading about the topic of ‘how connecting with the groundswell transforms your company’. The main point to take home from this chapter is that when an organization begins to engage and embrace ‘groundswell thinking’ along with a social strategy, it tends to create a change within the organization (Li & Bernoff, 2011). 463 more words

Connecting with the groundswell.

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This week in the world of the groundswell, the chapter revolved around connecting with customers, and how you can communicate with them effectively. 686 more words