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PLM and Cultural Change Management ? Too expensive ?

At this moment I am finalizing my session for PDT2016 where I will talk about the importance of accurate data. Earlier this year I wrote a post about that theme: … 1,023 more words


Putting The Customer At The Centre of Your Business

Now and then a question comes along that provokes my thinking. Here’s a question that I came across recently expressed in different ways:

  • What does putting the customer at the centre of the business look like?
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The art of Doing Business:Customer Centricity

Business is an art which constantly requires hard work and excellence in order to sustain in market. Launching a product and marketing it isn’t sufficient for the growth, but there are other several factors too which helps a business to grow. 277 more words


The real value in being customer centric

In today’s competitive market place there are very few businesses who don’t strive to have a customer focused strategy. More and more business owners are talking about how essential it is. 540 more words

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Setting Buyer Expectations with Messaging

(Or, How to Make Ultra-Specialized High Tech Accessible for Everyone… Even the Pope)

Imagine one of the most ubiquitous, seemingly mainstream and commercially prolific sectors on the globe. 1,145 more words


The red ocean or the blue?

I have recently read the “international bestseller” Blue Ocean Strategy and found it a very insightful read. A blue ocean is essentially an uncontested market space where there are no competitors allowing the company that creates it to excel.  353 more words

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HR departments have to change

Just as businesses start focusing on being ‘customer centric’ and developing a ‘customer experience’ that will ensure customers want to repeatedly do business with them, there are many arguing that to be ‘customer centric’, is really to be ‘human centric’ and the same can also be applied to staff. 184 more words

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