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A Tale of Two Tweets

Serendipity is a wonderful (and sometimes entertaining) thing.

Monday afternoon, two tweets wound up one after the other in my timeline, one interesting and one “interesting” (I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine which is which): 285 more words

Management And Governance

Why is it so hard to give customers what they want?

Everyone likes the idea of the ‘future state’ but delivering it is hard. It was easy to get everyone together to create the Customer Journeys, but when it’s time to get stuff done, why does it all fall to pieces? 526 more words

Customer Journeys

Thinking from the Outside In

We all know the customer is important but how do we become customer centric?

I don’t know about you but my LinkedIn and twitter feeds are filled with people talking about customer experience and how we all need to put the customer at the centre of our organisations, but how do we do this? 986 more words

Customer Journeys

Four Disruptions That Will Change Your Employee and Customer Experience

Trend tracking is an integral business tool that can give companies a leg-up on their competition, help predict areas of growth, and gain insight into the minds of consumers. 369 more words

Employee Engagement

Charlotte Sibley on MR's Slow Progress in Business | RBDR

January 30th, 2017. Today on RBDR:

40-plus year biopharma research veteran Charlotte Sibley discusses revolutions inside corporate biopharmas since 1970 and compares the relatively unfortunate uneventful evolution of market research in terms of its progress with respect to the business. 74 more words

RFL Communications

I Brand sono come le persone, ce ne sono tanti!

AICEX: Le Emozioni ci consentono di capire perchè si sceglie un Brand piuttosto che un altro. E fanno la differenza nel caso di prodotti e servizi soggetti a “commoditization”.

1,290 more words
Customer Experience

Say what you may but the customer always has to be the soul of your business. I don’t want to sound repugnant but sorry to say it’s not you or what you want, it never was.

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