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Video + Emotion + Customer Experience = the Magic Mix?

The three inputs for this post are: Millennials’ overall growth in video consumption, the role of emotion in moving people to believe in a treatment, and the almighty Customer Experience which delivers it all. 810 more words

Fixing IT - Remembering What They're Paying For

Dan Creswell‘s tweet said it well:

Software development isn't your business: It's just one of many tools for providing a service that satisfies (customer) needs.

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How to create better Customer Experiences

As the owner of a business, your endeavour in this chaotic new world should always be to create an experience for your customer that is unparalleled. 427 more words

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Why aren’t Public Service Organizations Customer-Centric?

Why aren’t many public service organizations like health, tax, education, transport and treasury or utilities such as power and water authorities customer-centric? Public service agencies differ markedly. 943 more words

Customer Centric Culture


4 times a year I meet business leaders in an inspiring Innovation network roundtable. We just had our second roundtable for 2015. Also this time, we centered our discussions around customer relationships and gaps in how brands are delivering on expectations. 302 more words

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TALKING is easy. STARTING is harder..... but SUSTAINING is the hardest Customer Experience challenge of all!

Do you work for an organisation that aspires to ‘put the customer first’? Have you listened to senior leaders in your business talk about the importance of ‘being customer centric?’ Does your company have a ‘value’, or ‘vision’ or ‘mission’ that makes reference to ‘focusing on the customer’? 1,209 more words

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Customer-Centricity as a Business Model: Taking the Kaleido Approach

> Posted by Brianna Nelson, Project Associate, CFI

The idea of customer-centricity doesn’t sound complicated. Shouldn’t every business be focused on its customers? However, even for businesses that do endorse a customer-centric approach, endorsement doesn’t necessarily translate into action. 463 more words

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