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Charlotte Sibley on MR's Slow Progress in Business | RBDR

January 30th, 2017. Today on RBDR:

40-plus year biopharma research veteran Charlotte Sibley discusses revolutions inside corporate biopharmas since 1970 and compares the relatively unfortunate uneventful evolution of market research in terms of its progress with respect to the business. 74 more words

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I Brand sono come le persone, ce ne sono tanti!

AICEX: Le Emozioni ci consentono di capire perchè si sceglie un Brand piuttosto che un altro. E fanno la differenza nel caso di prodotti e servizi soggetti a “commoditization”.

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Customer Experience

Say what you may but the customer always has to be the soul of your business. I don’t want to sound repugnant but sorry to say it’s not you or what you want, it never was.

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Customer Centric Leadership in Action - A lesson from Elon Musk

One of the central tenets of being a customer centric leader is listening to customer feedback and responding with action.

There is no better recent example than Elon Musk’s response to a customer complaining about the Tesla charging stations being used simply as car spaces. 267 more words

Customer Centric Culture

Customer Centricity

विकास पावडे, अलीम ताहेर 

  • अभ्यासक्रम

१. ग्राहक  आणि ग्राहक सेवा

२. शिष्टाचार

३. विनयशीलता

४. ग्राहक केंद्रित दृष्टीकोन

५. ग्राहक समाधान

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Needed: P2P War Stories

Are you winning your P2P digitization battle?

Processes are rarely static nor are always organized neatly. Because of this, process improvement has always been a big challenge for most companies and many managers have “war stories” to share in this respect. 259 more words

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Customer Centricity


This Publication allows how important is customer in growing company’s Business.

Dinesh Chand Sanwal

S/O Bhuwan Chand Sanwal

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Customer Centricity