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Giffgaff releases new ad, 'Stay because you want to stay'

Why it matters

This ad has been pretty polarising so far,  with some loving it and others disliking it. It seems to be continuing the trend for gritty poetry and spoken word, as seen in the similarly divisive… 341 more words

A Customer-Obsessed Culture is like employee engagement on steroids

Can you imagine a business where everyone connects with its true purpose and gives the very best of himself or herself every day to deliver on that purpose? 470 more words

Bravo ASOS

ASOS have got it spot on. I am sure that each and every one of you are subscribed to a few companies to receive regular updates regarding news, offers and discounts however, like me, spend the early hours of the morning deleting your way through emails. 591 more words

Customer Shoes – Walk in them to better your business.

Have YOU ever bought a product or service from your own company (anonymously) and experienced the highs and lows, YOU give your customers?

Having walked a customer journey in your own company could you hand on heart recommend your company (based on your experience) to a friend without fear of it affecting your friendship? 854 more words


Being a Celoxian: What it means – Values Interwoven with Work Ethics!

Recently we identified core values for our organization. During the entire experience of coming up with these core values, we realized the outcomes were reflecting exactly what our leaders expected and practiced all these years. 853 more words


Customer success 2.0? Sounds a lot like SAM.

By Bernard Quancard

President & CEO


I recently came across an article in the January 2018 McKinsey Quarterly titled “Introducing Customer Success 2.0: The New Growth Engine.” I am pleased to say that McKinsey & Co.’s view of managing customers differently completely aligns with SAMA’s view of strategic account management. 672 more words


The reason why all the best leaders are M.A.D. Are you one of them?

Last year I met with the CEO of the BPAY Group, John Banfield. BPAY is a leading payment systems service provider with Australian banks and financial companies. 415 more words