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More Than 30 Tips/Tools to Improve Your Writing

Looking to improve your writing skills?
Take a look at the tips/tools offered by Lindsay Kolowich for HubSpot:
“Whether you’re a published author or just starting to blogging, it’s not always easy to string words together in a way that makes sense, sounds good, and makes a reader  63 more words
Customer Expectations

How Are Retailers Really Doing with Social Media?

Millions of retailers around the world maintain an active social media presence. But, how are they doing in terms of responding to people’s comments and questions on social media? 92 more words
Part 3: Targeting Customers And Gathering Information

Business Forecasts for 2016

About this time each year, a number of well-known, reliable sources produce their forecasts for the  following year.

Bloomberg (via its Bloomberg Businessweek) has just published its “The Year Ahead 2016” issue. 37 more words

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Customer Journey Mapping in a Digital Age

As we have noted before, consumers follow a much different purchasing path than in the past. Millions of U.S. shoppers are “multi-channel,” because they shop in stores, online, and via smartphones. 108 more words

Customer Expectations

Uptick in Customer Expectations

I was catching up with my marketing reading this week and came across an article on Marketingprofs.com by Joe Gagnon, a senior vice president for Aspect Software. 322 more words

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The Little Things

It’s the little things that get you.

For example, my brand of toothpaste has always come in a tube with a twist-off cap. Maybe not the most efficient design, but I was used to it. 653 more words


Are YOU a Gift Splurger?

With the start of the holiday shopping season, companies want to particularly focus on “gift splurgers.” According to Nielsen: “These consumers say they like to shower their loved ones with gifts and see themselves more as spenders rather than savers.” 53 more words

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