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Walmart Finally Gets It: Employees Matter

For years, Walmart has had tough labor practices and been heavily criticized for them. For example, it has been sued by many women for unequal pay and promotion opportunities, fought hard against employees unionizing, paid low wages, etc. 352 more words

Customer Expectations

Choosing Gas for Your Vehicle Not as Easy as You Think

What factors do you consider when buying gas for your vehicle? Octane rating, emissions, brand name, price? Do you believe that there are differences in gasoline? 315 more words
Part 3: Targeting Customers And Gathering Information

Americans Don't Trust Mass Media

Yes, the mass media have been criticized in many quarters for their coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign. But the issue of trust goes far beyond political coverage. 195 more words

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Social Media Checklists: Part 1

In this first of two posts on social media checklists, the focus is on the activities necessary to best use social media. This comprehensive checklist from Sprout Social… 26 more words

Social And Digital Media

A Fun Infographic on Scheduling Daily Activities

How do we spend our time during the day? Do we plan these activities in advance? Are we obsessive about sticking to a schedule? Do we succeed in completing our activities every day? 241 more words

Social And Digital Media