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Tips on closing the loop

Following up on my last post which described situations where waste and emotional wear and tear was created because of a lack of closure,  here are some simple things you can get into the habit of doing,  that will make a difference. 359 more words


Who Is Today's Asia Pacific Consumer?

The Asia Pacific regions of the world account for about 60 percent of the global population (compared to less than 5 percent for the United States). 49 more words

Customer Expectations

Appealing to Long Island's Luxury Shopper

This television interview of Hofstra University’s Distinguished Professor Joel Evans (of the Zarb School of Business) very recently appeared on Fios1’s Money & Main$Street. The interview was conducted by host Giovanna Drpic. 19 more words

Zarb Means Business

Facebook Cracking Down on Third-Party Access to Data

There have been a lot of calls by government agencies, consumer groups, and individual users for Facebook to better control the information it provides to third parties. 144 more words

Zarb Means Business

Clever Innovations from Entrepreneurs: A Video

Entrepreneurs can be quite inventive. For seven examples, take a look at this YouTube video. It has been viewed more than 3.5 million times!!

After viewing the video, what lessons have YOU learned? 11 more words

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Being Ethical in Marketing Research

To quote from our textbook (Marketing in the 21st Century): “In any marketing situation, ethical behavior based on honest and proper conduct (‘what is right’ and ‘what is wrong’) should be followed. 89 more words

Customer Expectations

New Survey: Only 10% of Americans trust business to behave ethically.

96 percent of Americans believe it is important for companies to ensure their employees behave ethically but only 10 percent have trust and confidence in major companies to do what is right. 273 more words

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