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You May Be The Ringmaster But Your Customer Experience Shouldn't Be A Circus

In digital marketing we have a saying, or more accurately, we have plenty of sayings, but the one that has always stuck with me is “Confusion is the enemy of conversion”. 254 more words


Prioritise Service Excellence

Services are taking centre stage in most countries. Whether your enterprise manufactures bricks or operates beauty parlours you cannot avoid serving people. The service-goods barrier is getting thinner as many business organisations realise that without excellent customer service they cannot push sales volumes. 898 more words

Customer Service

No Apple Pay....No Way!

Apple Pay became available in the UK on 14th July and it changed my life (ok it didn’t but I like it, a lot, as much as Agnes loves fluffy stuff) 956 more words


Customer Experience Through The Eyes Of The Frontline Retail Employee

Perspective. If we are to improve the performance of human worlds (couple, family, neighbourhood, team, department, business, nation…) perspective taking is essential. It occurs to me that the simplest form of perspective taking is attentive-receptive listening to those who find themselves embedded in the human world that one is interested in.   935 more words

Customer Experience

WR20: Three lessons from the Future of Travel

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Quote of the week

‘It’s always easy to look back and see what we were, yesterday, ten years ago. 950 more words

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Service Leaders – Stay Real

In a nutshell

Studies have shown that we will empathise more and offer more assistance to identifiable victims compared to larger groups of people. This is called the Identifiable Victim Effect. 750 more words

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