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5 Key Customer Service Metrics to Follow for the Holiday Season - Guest blog by Sam Makad

“Sell good merchandise at reasonable profit; treat your customers like human being and they will always come back for more”- L.L. Bean

The essence of good customer service and relation to the survival of any given business couldn’t have been better portrayed than as it was with the above statement by Bean.

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What Does a Customer-Centred Orientation Look Like Through The Customer's Eyes?

Are you customer-centred?  That is a sloppy question as there is no agreement on what is being talked about when talking about customer-centricity.  So, let me ask that question in a more precise way: when the customer interacts with you/your organisation, through any touchpoint or combination thereof, does the customer experience the feeling of being cared for by you? 314 more words

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Hall of Fame: How Folks At Apple Support Turned Me Into An Apple Advocate!

An Apple Customer Becomes an Advocate Due to Apple Support

Until recently I was merely a customer of Apple. That changed over the last two weeks. 1,393 more words

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The Case for Discovery in Marketing

Let me start by saying: I’m all about the data.

I’m an advocate of one-to-one marketing. I think behavior-based targeting is an essential part of the marketing mix. 577 more words

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Argos Good, AO.com Bad Bad Bad: Why I'll Never Buy From AO.com Again

I’ll never buy from AO.com and recommend that you do your homework before you do business with this online retailer. Why?  Let me take you through my experience. 1,414 more words

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On Customer Obsession

Customer Obsession Is Fashionable

I hear more and more Middles & Tops mention the importance/need for customer obsession. It’s often used as an exhortation to the Bottoms – those on the front line.  979 more words

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Easiest Way to Make Your Support Team More Productive - Guest Post by Jason Grills

If your brand provides the market with real value, at some point, it will attract an army of interested customers. At that moment, a reliable and efficient support team will become a crucial asset in your business.   910 more words