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Airlines, Leggings and the Customer Experience

You may have heard, United Airlines failed in a big way yesterday. Here’s what happened: the airline barred two teenage girls from boarding and required a child to change clothes after a gate agent decided the leggings they were wearing were inappropriate. 247 more words

CX: Using Intelligent Generosity To Cultivate Customer Delight

Certain businesses deal with products that perish or become useless if not used by a certain date/time.  This is often seen as a problem – a problem of generating demand to drive sales, and a problem of inventory management. 648 more words

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Robotic or Human Customer Experience    

Which one does your organisation deliver?

I have just returned from back-to-back trips to Shanghai and Bali.

I promise not to show you any travel photos! 856 more words

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Calling Forth The Best From Folks Working For You

“I like coming here!”  was confessed with a smile. The speaker?  A highly skilled professional who is undertaking a major refurbishment project for me in my home. 702 more words

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What's The Impact of a Shitty Employee Experience on the Customer Experience?

Can you deliver a good-to-great customer experience without paying attention to the employee experience?  If you forget theory and look at the practice in large organisations you might just see that the answer is a resounding “Yes!”  There is so much talk about the customer experience and in the process a lot of extra work is put on to the shoulders of the employees. 549 more words

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Maintain customer trust when your company messes up

Let me start with a question for you…

What would you do you do when you or someone from your company makes a mistake that will cost your company money?

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