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Flying across the ocean with kids - leave the stroller at home or consider a cheap one

I was just looking back at some of my old posts, and I thought it could be a good idea to write a short, simple post about this to make a point – airlines don’t know how to handle strollers. 481 more words


Community 101

First of all, you can call customers a “community” or “partners” until your heart’s content, that won’t make them a partner or part of a real community. 405 more words


Sales and Marketing: why can't we all just get along

Have you ever been to a marketing conference where a senior sales person speaks, and at the end of their talk you see on the slido (or insert name of Q&A tech here) the question: … 333 more words


What the hell is customer advocacy?

If you work in customer advocacy you’ll be pained by this question!

I assumed when I was hired for my first customer advocacy role that my boss would know what they wanted from their advocacy, but, the hardest part has been finding those internal advocacy advocates, in lots of organisations we’re a “nice to have” and not seen as business critical.  179 more words


Not too bad? My challenge to you...

How are you?

If your instinctive response is ‘not too bad’ then this post is for you. I’m hoping it brings you greater energy and happiness. 685 more words

Marketing And Sales

A customer first culture (4 minute read)

Remember your last negative experience with a customer service department. Did you tell anyone about it? Did you go back for more services? Probably not.

543 more words

One last time

Why would you design the inside of a package and fill it with content?

Perhaps it’s because it’s cheap to do. Perhaps it’s because you can. 56 more words