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We’re thinking outside the box…. Can you think outside the crate?

Here at Plantabox HQ we’re going on a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary, and we’d like you to come too…

We know the best ideas come from you… 496 more words

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Avoid Miscommunication With Clients

Miscommunications can become an obstruction in your relationship with the clients. However, these are unavoidable. It is important to build a strong bond not only with your clients but also with your employees in the beginning itself. 176 more words


Customer Feedback - Leveraging the Negative

by Margaret Wood 7/21/2017

How important is it getting customer feedback? 

How do you approach receiving and leveraging customer feedback? 327 more words

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Get To Know Your Customers Day!

It seems there’s a special day to honor just about everything from National Grilled Cheese Day to National Hug a Drummer Day. It’s impossible to keep up with them  all, but there is a particular day that small business owners should observe every day: 457 more words

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Amber Anklet or Necklace?

Is there a difference in healing benefits between an anklet and a necklace?

The simple answer is YES.

Baltic Amber is strongest where it touches the skin.

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Customer Feedback

Charmed Aroma ... A Less than Stellar Ring Reveal

First question: is there a crown in this picture? Second, have you heard the phrase: when you assume, you make an ass of u and me? 383 more words


Amber Bead Sizes

It’s a known fact that the more Amber you wear, the more healing benefits you receive. Well, the larger the beads, the more healing benefits as well, as they contain more succinic acid (Amber’s healing benefits). 156 more words

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