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5 Tips to Customer-Oriented F2F Sales

Working in F2F sales of consulting services for a few years now (and studying hard what the best are doing right) has lead me to believe in some general guidelines on how to do it better. 475 more words

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Lack of customer-orientation in web design / marketing

One more encounter in regards to that. Businesses not really trying to appeal.

Wanted to check out Final Fantasy 14. Went to their website. Before anything else, before knowing about the game, I was ‘greeted’ with an unwanted popup, wanting me to buy the game or download the trial version. 106 more words

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A True Partner

Most organizations pride themselves on how they help their customers. A select few go far beyond the rest. Umpqua Bank is a leader in those organizations that go far beyond the norm. 376 more words


Web derpvelopment

Not really derp actually, but an egocentric, arrogant, deceptive mindset I see spreading.

Soundcloud worked fine. Until today I realized that ANY Soundcloud URL accesses with my Firefox browser would lead to an error page: 269 more words


Retention is the new Acquisition.

What is more important- Customer retention or customer acquisition? Take a look at the photo above for a hint.

This is exactly why so many are claiming, “Retention is the new acquisition”. 279 more words


Customer Orientation

“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet” – Kevin Stirtz

Many thanks to our followers, brand ambassadors and our critics who have been the great source of guidance and feedback. 368 more words


Fonteyne The Kitchen - a restaurant customer oriented

Quite often, in Belgium or elsewhere, restaurants owners just want to profit. Understandable but not when they stop thinking of their customers and the sense of satisfaction they provide. 396 more words