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7 Unique Ways To Build Customer Loyalty – Kapdesk

Loyalty is defined as ‘giving or showing constant support or allegiance to a person or an institute’. This is a stage that all businesses should strive to reach with their existing customer base. 678 more words

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The Power You Should Give Your Customer Support Agents – Kapdesk

A good leader is one who values his employees and treats them with respect. Various studies show that employees who are mistreated, kept in dark about business activities, or under valued tend to not perform at their best, affecting the business as a whole. 491 more words

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Be Where Your Customers Are – Kapdesk

It’s true that most of the world that has access to technology is there on one or more social media platforms. It has changed the way we see and perceive our daily social lives. 508 more words

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4 Stubborn Business Myths

Entrepreneurs know that owning a small business takes dedication, passion, and hours of concentrated work. You may run into obstacles that test your business and your perseverance, obstacles that are norms in the world of business which each entrepreneur must learn to navigate. 544 more words

Customer concern as a basis for product replacements

author: Martine Aaftink

Product replacement is a complex process that creates a set of managerial challenges. Research on product replacement generally neglects individual characteristics that might influence decisions on product replacement strategies. 250 more words

Never Let A Customer Go UnAnswered – Kapdesk

It happens very often that when a customer calls support, they are unable to get an appropriate answer. This is a failure on the customer support department’s part, since that is their job. 480 more words

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Building And Maintaining Healthy Customer Relationships – Kapdesk

Living in a fiercely competitive business world means having to out perform yourself every single day in order to stay on top of the game. Be aware of the fact that your competitors are just a click away. 571 more words

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