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Winning with Intent, Not Ego

I find myself doing my best work when I start a client meeting by saying, “My intention today is to….” and then very clearly and concisely stating my intention – “to help you achieve your goals”, “to help advance your interests”, “ to learn more about your challenges and needs to see whether we’re aligned.” When you start by helping your client understand your intention, you lay the groundwork for a meaningful connection, and you prevent any possible misinterpretation. 1,456 more words


With Relationships that Matter—Grace Bats Last

Last week I was having an early cup of coffee with a fellow LIFT (Literacy Instructions For Texas) board member and we got to talking about how – in life – there are situations where, as much as you might feel otherwise, you just have to graciously take a step back and be the one responsible for determining how the relationship is going to proceed, or not. 1,230 more words


To achieve loyal customers online - communicate with emotion rather than facts

If you want to gain loyalty from your customers in e-commerce you must focus on the quality of your relationship with your online customers. You must focus on emotion in your communication, because the perceived relationship investment is more important than facts on safety. 242 more words

8 Ideas for Constructing a Remarkable Customer Strategy

Have you ever asked yourself how Zappos.com went from online shoe-selling startup to a multi-million dollar buyout from Amazon? Tony Hseih (CEO of Zappos.com) would argue that customer relationships are the key drivers of their success. 966 more words

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Coming Into and Staying in Alignment with Clients

Sales professionals in meetings often ask me for insight as to why they lost a particular opportunity. After listening to their story, I typically start with the same question: “Were you in alignment with the client?” Being out of alignment with your client is like when the tires on your vehicle are out of alignment. 1,527 more words


How amazon screwed up...TWICE & more


I know it’s a long post, my apologies, but it’s very important that you read it.

Have you ever thought why YOU the customer who pays for a service have to abide THEIR  (amazon et al) policies and terms? 1,310 more words

Thinking Out ALOUD!!!