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How to get people to open our emails? Creating the most effective subject line.

It sounds silly. Why would someone care so much about the few words that encompass the subject line of an email? What effect does that have on your business ventures? 1,207 more words

Customer Research

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What are some of the impotent things for searching for your customers? 

Over the past couple of weeks my group has assigned me to creating an excel sheet to work on to put 10-15 emails (per day).   229 more words

Customer Research

New Survey: Only 10% of Americans trust business to behave ethically.

96 percent of Americans believe it is important for companies to ensure their employees behave ethically but only 10 percent have trust and confidence in major companies to do what is right. 273 more words

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Small Business Marketing 101: Customer Motivation

Social media, direct mail and ads are typically thought of as the primary marketing tools for business, but there’s one more element that’s commonly overlooked. 997 more words


New freelancer: Kick-offs are a consultant's best friend

I know the feeling — your proposal was accepted, your clients are excited and you just want to DO THIS!!!!

Hold your horses, Tex. I know this is going to be awesome, but you need to be careful right about here. 367 more words


4 Positive Business Impacts from CX and VOC Research

It’s a simplistic concept but arguably nothing can build culture and revenue with a company quicker than a universal strategy to focus on the customer. Oftentimes in business it is easy to sidetrack yourself by focusing on tasks that are far removed from the customer. 739 more words

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Survey Software, Alligators and a Warning

I’m agnostic about “Survey Software” in general. You can go to the web and find all kinds of sites offering apps to let you make a questionnaire, upload a sample, get responses, do some simple analysis and reporting.  353 more words

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