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Friday Insights #5: Sticker Shock: The High Cost of Poor Customer Service

INSIGHT #5: Sticker Shock: The High Cost of Poor Customer Service

I’m sure you’ve all heard this story before…it goes something like, “Happy customers are repeat customers, and repeat customers bring in new customers, and happy customers start with great customer service.” The idea seems straightforward enough—whether selling software or t-shirts, hotel rooms or legal services, or…—making sure that the consumer is happy and pleased with their experience is what turns that business into more business. 215 more words

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What Was Hot in 1997?

We tend to spend a lot of time looking at the “hot new things,” such as connected vehicles, virtual assistants, and a lot more. 106 more words

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National Trust - five years on

The National Trust is an interesting operation, or rather set of operations, to blog about.  It faces various challenges not typically found in commercial businesses. 156 more words

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Are Customizable Supply Chains The New Thing?

In past years, products have started to become customizable and personalized, which is a huge demand by the grand majority of customers. With today’s technology people have become growingly accustomed to tweaking products to their needs and companies have had to stay up with the times. 792 more words


Customer Service - A Dying Art?

An incredible amount has been written on the subject of customer service over the years, much of it unnecessarily complicating matters, when really it is nothing more than a simple equation. 1,359 more words

Grow your customer base

Our customers are the lifeblood of our businesses, so it’s crucial to gain new customers and to retain the existing ones. At this time of year, I’m always thinking of ways that I can grow my customer base, so after a brainstorming session, here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with… 997 more words

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