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How to Develop Strong Customer Bond?

Every business runs to meet the needs of its customers as they are the key for any business success. So what can be done to make them satisfied? 176 more words


Some Factors Affecting Online Customer Satisfaction

Success of any business is primarily based on user satisfaction which is a major predictor of online consumer behavior, and online business is no exception. But, what builds up this user satisfaction and motivates a user to like and use an online system or website and keep coming back. 518 more words


Ryan Air share price soars as its leader 'gets cuddly'

Ryan Air and Easy Jet are considered innovative and successful low-cost airlines. This week, commentators were quick to point to the excellent financial results and growth figures from Ryan Air, and to compare them with the relatively modest progress made by Easy Jet over the same period 563 more words

Americans Less Annoyed With Facebook Than Last Year, Still Dislike LinkedIn

Ordinary consumers aren’t really the customers of social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest: we’re their products, there to have our personal data and preferences sold to advertisers. 210 more words


Promises You Can't Keep ... Why Make Them?

This is a theme I am writing about over the last couple of months, because it keeps coming up … and I can’t see what the point is of making promises you can’t deliver upon. 434 more words


Do you provide value to your customers?

Customers have legions of salespeople trying to sell them, all claiming to have the next best thing since the Snuggie. So ask yourself, what value do you bring them? 608 more words


The Transaction and the Values Proposition - Costco

It is one thing to read that “the sale is never complete until the customer is fully satisfied” and then to see it first-hand.  Although I have shopped at the legendary store, Nordstrom, who has made this standard popular, I have never had to test their return policy.  351 more words