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Customer concern as a basis for product replacements

author: Martine Aaftink

Product replacement is a complex process that creates a set of managerial challenges. Research on product replacement generally neglects individual characteristics that might influence decisions on product replacement strategies. 250 more words

CJ Salzano and Building a Pool

Adding a pool to a personal property is for many a lifelong dream. With summer temperatures at an all time high, people are increasingly investing in their own pools to help cool down and make the best use of summer. 370 more words


What you need to know about the digital customer experience

The customer experience is changing.

No longer can businesses rely solely on the physical interaction between themselves and their customers. With online stores, digital booking systems, and social media, a huge portion of the typical customer experience is rapidly becoming digitised, and any business who doesn’t embrace it is likely to be left by the wayside. 673 more words


'Customer Experience'-Experience

The most powerful learnings come from reflecting upon your own experiences. And telling about them. Here’s a story I love to share:

We were sitting in one of the largest meeting rooms available. 972 more words

Customer Experience

How to breakthrough to callers on hold and increase profits

Putting customers on hold is an inevitable if much-maligned tool for customer service and sales professionals. However, the customer’s time on hold does not need to be a waste for you or for them. 502 more words

Telephony And Data

Export Leftovers looks to improve customer satisfaction with the new customer reviews system.

Export Leftovers rolled out a big change to its customer reviews system last week, introducing a new machine-learning review system developed by Yotpo to surface newer and more helpful reviews. 98 more words


The real value in being customer centric

In today’s competitive market place there are very few businesses who don’t strive to have a customer focused strategy. More and more business owners are talking about how essential it is. 540 more words

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