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Hotmail Customer Service - for Outlook Hotmail Connector

Simply dial our Hotmail Customer service Phone number for immediate diagnosis of technical diseases residing inside Hotmail accounts. It’s reported by many users that they view Send/Receive errors while synchronizing Outlook Hotmail Connector account in Microsoft Outlook 2010. 268 more words

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How To Reset Zoho Email Password 1-888-269-0130 Reset/Recovery - Number

Our Zoho email password reset team has highly efficient and knowledgeable technicians with years of experience. They are capable and competent enough to reset your password instantly and easily. 172 more words

Customer Support

Why the Internet Gives Me Hope for a Location-Agnostic Future (and Why That’s Great)

Technology can be a difficult industry to work in if you don’t live in the right place. Everyone knows that all of the best startup and tech companies are in a handful of cities, mostly on or near the coasts. 1,274 more words

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“Hey, dude”: Building Company Culture on a Remote Team

**Originally posted on the CoSupport Team Blog on March 26th, 2015

At CoSupport, we’re essentially all telecommuters – we work from desktops and coffee shops in Oregon, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Texas, and wherever else we happen to be during working hours. 888 more words

Customer Support

A Perfectionist's Guide to Fighting Perfectionism

**Originally published on the CoSupport Team Blog on January 6th, 2015

Perfectionism is an odd trait. On the surface, it sounds like such a positive thing – who wouldn’t want to be a little obsessive about perfection? 1,258 more words

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Hypothetical Apologies Pt. 2: Old-Fashioned Apologies

**Originally published on the CoSupport Team Blog on April 9th, 2014

My one-year-old nephew is just starting to talk, and it’s awesome. He’ll talk to you, but finding that bridge between what he’s saying and what he means always requires a certain special blend of translation and intuition. 1,142 more words

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Hypothetical Apologies & Pizza Dreams

**Originally published on the CoSupport Team Blog on April 2nd, 2014

Consider the following purely hypothetical scenario:

It’s 3:21 am and you’re sleeping soundly, snoring a little as your body warms itself with the slow but sure metabolization of the deep-dish pizza you ate only a mere 6 hours ago. 845 more words

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