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Letting Your Customers Help Themselves - Kapdesk

Everybody has faced a situation where they have broken something they bought or caused something they use, to malfunction. Apart from the various curses that run through your mind, the immediate reaction you have is to call… 615 more words

Customer Service

The Power Of Customer Service Automation - Kapdesk

In the modern world, where almost all forms of technology that we interact with involves some form of automation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a human-centric process like customer service can be automated as well. 592 more words

Customer Service

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Training Your Support Representatives - Kapdesk

Whether you run a large-scale business or a startup firm, and no matter how established or how popular your products are, if you don’t have a strong… 465 more words

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How To Speed Up Customer Responses? - Kapdesk

Nobody likes long waits. Take for example ordering food. If you are promised delivery within 30 minutes and your food arrives after 45 minutes, you become an unhappy customer and will probably not order from the same place again, unless they have a secret sauce that keeps you hooked. 650 more words

Customer Service

What You Need To Know About Customer Service - Kapdesk

It may seem like a fairly simple question. You may think the answer to this question is providing assistance to your customers when they have queries. 624 more words

Customer Service

Customer Support Team - Kapdesk

As a business, launching a successful product involves being ready for the impact that it will have on your existing customer base, as well as your company. 480 more words

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When Your Customers Can Support Other Customers, You Know You’ve Done A Good Job – Kapdesk

Customer support in any industry starts with patience. It is the key to customer support, and a great one at that too. After all, you cannot expect your customers to have thorough knowledge about your product. 500 more words

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