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Optimising multiple products

Portfolio planning & tiering

One area where product management can add huge value to a business is ensuring that different products are created to appeal to different customers, and thus maximising sales opportunities. 283 more words


3 Ways Companies Are Building a Business Around AI

(Source: hbr.org)

There is no argument whether Artificial Intelligence is coming. The question then becomes: How should a company that isn’t involved in building A.I. 1,614 more words

Money Matters

Europeans are abandoning their utility companies in droves

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Home energy use is finally exciting to people. Unfortunately for the traditional utilities, it’s not because of them.

A combination of new technology and a push toward low-carbon energy has caused customers at Europe’s largest and most-established utilities to flee. 526 more words

Money Matters

This is an ecosystem built for data, insight and action

Resist the temptation to focus and organize around silos. While silos can maximize a part of the system, they sub-optimize the whole. We are building a customer (digital) ecosystem. 810 more words

Customer Focus

Self-Service Customer Support-Website Jason Spencer Student Loan Relief

Student Loan Relief, founded by Jason Spencer Dallas Texas, offers an affordable way to make your Federal Student Loan debt easier to manage. Our Alumni Financial Aid Advisors work with you to identify the best combination of Federal, State, and/or Local programs for which you qualify.

Bigger Banks Better - Bigger Not Always Better

Bigger Banks Better – Bigger Not Always Better

When we think of companies and the services they provide, we often assume that a big company is automatically better. 567 more words


Welcome pack

When I was in the office products trade I came up with what I thought was a cracking idea. At the time I was the general manager of the depot in Newcastle and it was my job, among others, to make sure that the business grew and returned a profit. 309 more words