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Former Starbucks employee speaks out after video of angry rant posted to Facebook

ELMHURST, Queens (PIX11) — An employee at a Queens Starbucks was suspended and no longer works there after a video of her berating and yelling at customers was posted to Facebook. 504 more words


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There is an old saying that "The customer is always right." Even when you know he or she is wrong, the customer is STILL right. If you're running a store, you've got employees working below you that you are expected to set an example for. If your position is running the cash register, making the coffee, stocking or cleaning, you're still important. You're still working with people. You're still a representative of the company that you work for. I get it if you've had a bad day, a bad night, got in a fight with your mom, your boyfriend, your ex is giving you problems, or the woman down the street is causing trouble again. I totally get it. It happens to the best of us. But if I'm your customer, I'm not there to be your proverbial punching bag. I'm not there to be publicly humiliated, berated, verbally abused or accused of stealing while I am still standing in front of the register with the product I wish to purchase clearly visible in my hand. I am there to place my order, buy my items and get out. This one customer hower, survived all that in a Starbucks in Queens, NY earlier this month by an angry employee who called herself a "manager." If you work in a restaurant, in hospitality services, or retail of any kind, what are your experiences with situations like this? Have you ever felt like a customer was making your blood boil? What steps would you take to keep yourself from exploding on the job? Please share and pass this along!

Flea Markets: Basic Selling 101

I so love the flea markets.  It is my favorite thing to do on a weekend.  Maybe I’m not so into the selling part of it now that I’m older.  966 more words


5 Steps to a Targeted Marketing Message

As I was driving to work today, I was thinking about some of the posts about real estate marketing I saw on Facebook this weekend. There seems to be an overall feeling that marketing is something that probably should be done, but ends up being an afterthought for most. 1,063 more words

Case Solution for Managing Customer Relationships in Offshore Outsourcing: B2Bcs, an Israeli Consulting Firm

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Managing Customer Relationships in Offshore Outsourcing: B2Bcs, an Israeli Consulting Firm

Authors :           Arup Kumar Das, Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj, Kate M. 99 more words


The power of a gentle complaint

I can be an unpredictable customer sometimes. I can sway the entire spectrum between being really nice, to being the “customer from hell”. Perhaps because I’ve tried so many different ways of getting myself across as a customer, I’ve learned and realised the power of a gentle complaint. 431 more words