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Don't bite our heads off, please...

Over the years I’ve worked in quite a few different places within retail. Most days I love being around people. They give me so much food for thought. 707 more words

Etsy customers are always usually sometimes right

We’re all customers as well as sellers, so we all know that as customers we can be wrong, annoying, entitled, impatient and short tempered.

Most of us hopefully won’t try it on to get freebies, because we’re also sellers, but honest mistakes can sometimes be made. 811 more words


What makes you buy something?

I learnt something really important today, so I would like to share it with you. This might be included in some marketing or sales courses but I wonder if a common person knows about it. 188 more words

Why you need to LAUNCH NOW and not depend on friends and family for feedback

It’s the day of the launch. Months of research, brand development, prototyping and sleepless nights have come to this moment. You’re now ready to tell the world about your new business. 526 more words


Product Safety Bootcamp

Have you already been selling without knowledge of what product safety compliance is and now need to get caught up so you can get back to revenue generating activities? 254 more words