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PR: the art of the RELATIONSHIP

Plant the seed and reap relationships. Public Relations is based genuinely in relationships. Is an art of building connections, making a bridge between the organization and the public. 257 more words

Basic Concepts

customer dari sri gombak

salam uolls…kali ni…i nak share citer pasal customer baru yang nak gunakan coway…i jumpe die hari selase malam…tp disebabkan semalam i little bit busy…so x sompek nak hapdet semalam…hihi…musim2 busy nie…hehe…okey pasal customer dari gombak ni pon sangat2 la best da boom…da petang baru bro ni wasap i…kate berminat nak gunakan Coway…nak guna water purifier jenis Petit…so i give an explanation bla bla bla…okey…bro tu kate…nak jumpe malam nie…okey lah…since malam ni pon xde ape2 appointment laen…lupe lak nak bagi tau name bro nie…i panggil die bro lan je lah eh…hihi…okey bro lan ni dalam wasap da decide nak wat rental…good choice :) and i just reminded to┬áprepare the document such as salinan ic & salinan credit card…simple just 2 thing…hihi… 388 more words



Customer: I’d like a decaf coffee with two creams.
Me: Okay, was that a senior sized decaf? Or a small?
Customer: I don’t know, I just always say decaf coffee with two creams. 33 more words

Fast Food

Secure Mobile Messaging without Compromises: How BBM Protected Protects You and Your Customers.

At Mobile World Congress 2015, we announced a new BBM Protected feature that gives you a leg up on your competition, while protecting you and your customers, partners, and clients from costly data security breaches. 568 more words