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Three Reasons Why National Customer Service Week Is Rubbish! Again!

Balloons! Oh Christ no…..that means it’s National Customer Service Week! Again!

As this mistake is repeated every year, I’ve decided to start repeating the exact same blog post I first did two years ago. 702 more words

Systems Thinking

Generate from template on the customer list page

There is a button on the customer list page and details page called generate from template. This can be quite handy to use if you want to populate some data into an external Word document for example. 73 more words

Sales And Marketing

Next Customer, Please

Karine waited for the next customer. She tidied the papers on her desk, looked behind her to the vault, and when the woman at the front of the line still hadn’t budged, she cleared her throat and said, “Next customer please.” 263 more words

Short Story

4 signs your team or customers are disengaged (And what to do about it!)

The opposite of love is not hate.  The opposite of love is apathy.  It’s a scary state of mind where you really don’t care.  For me, football leaves me cold,  I don’t dislike it, I just have no feelings about it whatsoever.  868 more words

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Khách hàng đầu tiên của mình 😇

Mình thử nghiệm warm tone makeup lên mình rồi đăng lên Snapchat(ng_n99)

Bạn nào muốn hỏi về list đồ mình dùng thì comment xuống dưới và mình sẽ trả lời bạn 😇 … 44 more words


Smart Stanley again

Smart Stanley seems to be going well.  The idea is to have a number of small projects that use digital to enhance the experience of the town for everyone that lives there, works there or is a visitor.  338 more words


Who Owns the Brand? Looking at the New Age of Customer Control

Who Owns the Brand? Looking at the New Age of Customer Control – This article reveals information about who actually owns the brand