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What is YOUR Database STRATEGY?

In a publishing or information services company, every department has data. A lot of it. In different formats. With a range of collected demographics. And wants to store and use it in a variety of ways. 388 more words


If you like old homes..

If you like old homes, you will appreciate this one in the same we we do.  I believe the date of construction was 1851, and the wood work is by Thomas Day. 112 more words

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Springing Forward

Elizabeth Parker

An early Easter and an early spring! Aren’t we the lucky ones this year! 
Indeed, the buds are already falling on the skimpy remains of the snow; the weeping willows are changing their fronds to yellow–a sure sign that the sap is rising; and the maple syrup is flowing. 2,316 more words

Spring is Coming?

Yes, I know it doesn’t look like it but it will be here and ready to show up. We are already seeing it in the daffodils and cherry blooms. 87 more words


Spring Cleaning Your .... Data

Spring, is a time when many people clean out their cabinets, basements, spice drawers, closets. It is a time of reflection, for letting go of some of the past while planning for the rest of the year. 352 more words


How a Promoter Becomes a Detractor

Traveling on airlines is a privilege, a pleasure, and a pain.

The Pleasure

  • We get to go somewhere.
  • We meet interesting people.
  • We can get food or drinks like coffee, tea, juice, or water.
  • 302 more words

Dorsey Event a "Blast"

Tim Dorsey, New York Times bestselling author of 19 Serge Storms novels, delighted a crowd of fans Sunday at Destinations Booksellers.

As is Tim’s norm, he corralled the fans together for a group picture (seen above) to add to his collection and to share on social media. 294 more words