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Striking the Right Chord

Accordion: a portable musical instrument with metal reeds that are blown by bellows and played by means of keys and buttons.

Accord:  an agreement or reconciliation. 603 more words


Conserve India is honoured to be associated with WE’VE Built!!!!!!!!!!!!

All those folks who sift through our distributor page should already be well aware of the fact that  https://www.wevebuilt.com/designer-conserve/accessories-laptopbags-techindiacollection/road-runner-laptop-bag/945 carry our products.

On that note, we are super excited to share this news. 55 more words

Social Enterprise

What are two things a start-up must have?

What are the first things you must have when starting a business? The answer is so obvious that many people overlook it. The two most important critical factors for success in any business are products and customers. 15 more words

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Proven ways to get customers to pay on time

Lots of businesses struggle with getting their customers to pay bills on time. For many people, money is a difficult subject to bring up. I’ve learned that if you have a clear, written policy about invoicing that you share with your customers, you’ll find collecting a bill much easier and you’llRead more…

General Business

Case story for Dell Software and Hardware

I’ve not posted much of late as I’m working on a lot of back office and process stuff, but still working in Dell Software Group. I recently attended the annual Dell Patent Award dinner where I was able to catch up with Michael Dell and my boss, John Swainson as well as a few other executives, as well many of the great innovators and inventors. 73 more words