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4 mn underbanked Indian customers transact Rs 80 Cr per month, in 17,000 locations.

Manish Khera, gave up his cushy ICICI bank job to dedicate his life to a vision – provide financial services to the unbanked poor. He founded Financial Information Network and Operations (FINO) in 2006. 34 more words

Ten Million Customers in India Use Multiple Micro-Banking Applications

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces that ten million Financial Inclusion Network & Operations (FINO) customers in India now enjoy the benefits of micro-banking, using Gemalto smart cards, as part of FINO’s broader branch less banking program. 47 more words

Start-ups Have to Start

There’s an old adage that nothing happens in a company until somebody sells something. In fact, it’s also true of you, when you’re trying to sell yourself or your idea. 253 more words


Dear 'that glass is dirty'

Are you a parrot or do you always have to get the last word in?

I just said that.

Yours sincerely,



Is There One in Your Neighborhood?

For the last several Sundays I have noticed a mailman in our neighborhood. He seems to stop at the same house.  Does he has a friend he is visiting? 235 more words

MSD Residential Customers Spared from Billing Issue

ST. LOUIS (AP) – Residential customers of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District will not face extra charges for a billing mistake.

MSD officials on Wednesday clarified that only the bills of multifamily and commercial customers will be affected. 107 more words


How To Win Over Your Client In 60 seconds!

Approaching a new client is no different than approaching a friends newborn, you have to approach them with ease. I have learned this the hard way. 267 more words