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Yes Ma'am.

First day of work at a new store a couple days back.

Me: I’m nervous. I see a customer. Was going to say ma’am to a male customer and I try to stop myself. 21 more words


106 - Some of the seldom asked questions in local government. What are they?

Posted by Whistler                                                                                          390 words

I am sure these are not the only great unasked questions. But they are questions that frequently come to mind when you are in one of those interminable meetings talking about the same old topics. 356 more words


Stopping to Smell the Roses - Why Nose Secret Makes Sense

Would you rather spend this summer having surgery and recovering, at huge expense, or treat yourself to a season of smelling the roses, enjoying yourself and treating your family to a vacation? 251 more words

Nose Secret

Gassing in Ho Chi Minh

The bicycle taxi hurtled at a perilous pace through Ho Chi Minh City. It was the day of the opening of the first pizza restaurant and there was a buzz about town. 500 more words

Working Woman

The Biggest Lie

Have you noticed how much in business and pleasure is governed by disingenuous and disrespectful language?

Life is competitive, otherwise it would be pretty dull, but these days we get subjected to so much of this: 107 more words


Don't Sell Yourself Short

When I first started coaching people 1 to 1 in business, I was eager to share, coach and train. But because I was eager I lacked the proper “know how” to realize that I was underselling and over extending my services. 471 more words