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The Third B2B Product Launch Process Step

In our second B2B product launch process step, we looked at the kick-off call and how the project team members shared their expectations and requirements. 326 more words


201 - A response to Essay No. 4 - Local government and customer service.

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Lancing Farrell has written an engaging essay that reveals many home-truths in customer service in local government. It is a bit on the long side but worth the effort to read. 234 more words


22 Annoyingly Clueless Kinds Of Customers Everyone Who Has Ever Worked Retail Has To Deal With

Until you’ve worked in retail, you do not understand what it is like to truly detest people.The only thing longer than the list of times I’ve told myself and everyone who would listen that “I swear I’m quitting tomorrow”, is the list of daily acts of stupidity that I experience each shift. 688 more words

The importance of market research

Whatever your business you need to know what your competition is, what people will pay for your product or service and this is where market research plays a key role. 187 more words

Don't Confuse People With Their Beliefs

There are those who know they need to change or fix something and are more or less ready to get on with it.

  1. The second way of thinking is that that they recognise that something needs changing or fixing, and they expect someone else to do something about it.
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A translation company to help you

How to speed up your international sales? By allowing your customers to understand your messages, interact on your site, to master the technical aspects of your products.


Keeping Customers

Hey you think it is hard to get customers, just try and keep them. Once you have a customer your battle has only begun. There are external forces constantly pulling on them. 472 more words