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Flower Garden 3-tier Cake

For the couples who love vibrant splashes of colour with flowery scene during their big day!

Celebrate your union with this breathtaking cake that is inspired by colourful flower garden. 35 more words


3-tier Flower Wedding Cake

What a lovely view of this 3-tier wedding cake for the couple who loves flowery scene in their wedding day!

From cake topper to flower props, we can customise it for you to fit the theme of your beautiful day! 36 more words


Goal! Football Customisable Cake

We hit the goal of a young boy’s dream!

This hemi-sphere cake that resembles the shape of an igloo can be customisable into shapes of football, basketball, or any sports-related interest! 36 more words


Elegant 2-tier Birthday Cake

Celebrate milestones in life with a customisable 2-tier cake with lavish decorations on the cake!

Everything from the cake topper, choices on flower props, and to the colour of the cake can be done based on the birthday star’s preference. 44 more words


Flowery Design Cake

Contact us for more customisation on cakes for all various occasions.

Click here for more sweet offerings from Angie’s Cakes. 13 more words


Buttercream Sugee Cake

This traditional 1-tier cake is decorated with handcrafted buttercream flowers in different colours and texture.

On top, it resembles red roses with ivory white flowers at the side of the cake. 35 more words


Heart-shaped Sugee Cake

For your loved one in a literal declaration!

The customised shape of cake is requested by a loving wife for her husband’s birthday. Express to your loved one with a customised order from Angie’s Cakes today! 37 more words