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How to Customize my Podbean Podcast Site (Changing the Header and Background Images)

Once you choose a theme for your Podbean podcast site, you can customize it in various ways to better fit your topic and brand. Two common podcast site customizations are changing out the header image and the background image. 51 more words


How To Customize Form Within Low Impact?

From SyteLine version 7, custmoize form became more and more flexable and simple. After developing to version 9, more and more funcationalities were added for customzing form.  354 more words

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What are the advantages of commercially licensed web content management platforms over open-source products?

Platforms based on open-source code are conquering the world of online services. WordPress, in particular, has spread with vigor. The platform is constantly developing, and there is no shortage of implementation partners. 1,249 more words

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Abstract Out Sitecore FileWatcher Logic Which Monitors Rendering Files on the File System

While digging through code of Sitecore.IO.FileWatcher subclasses this weekend, I noticed a lot of code similarities between the LayoutWatcher and XslWatcher classes, and thought it might be a good idea to abstract this logic out into a new base abstract class so that future FileWatchers which monitor other renderings on the file system can easily be added without having to write much logic. 1,127 more words


Upload Files via the Sitecore UploadWatcher to a Configuration Specified Media Library Folder

In my previous to last post, I discussed the Sitecore UploadWatcher — a Sitecore.IO.FileWatcher which uploads files to the Media Library when files are dropped into the /upload directory of your Sitecore website root. 887 more words


Augment the Sitecore UploadWatcher to Delete Files from the Upload Directory After Uploading to the Media Library

In my previous post I discussed the Sitecore UploadWatcher — a Sitecore.IO.FileWatcher which monitors the /upload directory of your Sitecore instance and uploads files dropped into that directory into the… 983 more words


Download Random Giphy Images and Save to the Media Library Via a Custom Content Editor Image Field in Sitecore

In my previous post I created a custom Content Editor image field in the Sitecore Experience Platform. This custom image field gives content authors the ability to download an image from outside of their Sitecore instance; save the image to the… 2,063 more words