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Ubuntu Customization

This is my ubuntu customization

OS X style dock – Docky

I’ve not touched OS X since my college days, but one feature i like to have it in all the desktop is docks, Docky is my go to solution… 274 more words


Ruleset Interceptors and Rule Sessions

Ruleset Interceptors

Ruleset Interceptors are extremely helpful if we know how to deal with them. Conversely, many of the rule developers ignore interceptors because it is complicated to implement an interceptor though… 362 more words


Swapit Christmas Edition

The festive season is near. Many shopping malls and public places are decorated already. They prepare us all for what’s coming. It’s also a great reminder that we should get our presents early, so we don’t need to rush into the store on December 24th and get some random gift. 381 more words


When using MXServer for fetching MboSet

There are two ways of fetching an MboSet in java code, either using a relationship or through MXserver. There are different benefits for using either of these and different scenarios may need one of these ways to be used. 448 more words


Stick to Your Fitness Regimen by Thinking Like an App Developer

You stick to your fitness routine about as well as butter sticks to a teflon pan…covered in melted butter. So how can you turn fitness into something that holds your attention?

59 more words

Birchbox Customization IS OPEN!

I was so excited to customize my box for next month, so I figured you guys might be, too :) Read on for the specifics for the customization options for the December 2015 box! 194 more words


An Exercise in Sensibility - Copy a Request

Today we’ll look at something that I feel is incredibly useful: Copying a request into another similar request from a catalog item while filling out a catalog item. 428 more words