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Altering Patterns

Have you ever knitted something and wished it was larger? smaller? altered somehow?  Deviating from the pattern can be daunting but it can result in some amazing customization. 281 more words


The dino is coming

A new dinosaur has been discovered!

Alive! Feeds on milk! Cuter than ever! It’s called…SAIF-SAURUS REX!!

Have that one-of-a-kind tshirt that bear your lil one’s initials… 20 more words

Rabbit Skins

Welcoming Baby Arya

Something sweet and adorable for little ARYA. Colorful vine tree branch, pastel rainbow, smiling clouds and everything nice!

Who says turquoise is a color for boys only? 27 more words

Rabbit Skins

The Dark Knight rises

Relax, everybody, I’m here..and i am BATMAN!
The LEGO version!

We’re loving the new color of our Rabbit Skins tee, SILVER

Thank You Mommy Zatil for your continuous support! 20 more words

Rabbit Skins

Frozen Princesses.. back for more!

“Let it go…Let it go!”

Oh no we are not letting you beautiful princesses go! The kids are crazy about you.

We love how the design stands out on our new color, Garnet. 23 more words

Rabbit Skins

Finding A User Narrative for Obeah Opera

When you’re imagining a creative project that will interface with the public, finding the voice and heart of it is the first step. The second is knowing who that user is and helping them to easily interface with your project.   849 more words

Customizing with Master Page in Office 365

Branding through Master Page

I was looking into techniques for branding an Office 365 page. Although modifying or adding a custom Master Page is not recommended… 346 more words