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Sorting and Pagination is one of the most important things that we need on a page when we are dealing with large data sets. When we are sorting a Sobject list , it is easy to use Order By clause in SOQL and get the desired results. 798 more words


IE 11: Javascript selectNodes is not working

It seems selectSingleNode() and selectNodes() method for XML document is no longer supported.

Instead use querySelector() and querySelectorAll()

var filterNode = fetchXml.querySelector("Filters");

var attributeNodes = fetchXml.querySelector("Attribute");

Cheers – Sy


CRM 2013 - fireOnChange does not work

It looks like the method fireOnChange() is no longer supported.

So in CRM 2013, you just need to call:


Cheers – Sy


Life In Plastic: Backwards Torso?!?!

This is different, but it was so hilarious that I had to share it.  You remembr those Egyptian Gods, right?  Well, did Set’s picture look, I don’t know, “odd” to you?   329 more words


Launcher Lab Test (D)

Launcher Lab vom X Apps Team

Launcher Lab ist ein relativ neuer Launcher, der einen etwas anderen Weg in der Gestaltung des Homescreens verfolgt. Im Vergleich zu den Großen wie Nova, Apex, Action Launcher etc. 579 more words


Launcher Lab Review

Launcher Lab by X Apps Team

Launcher Lab is a quite new launcher which pursues a slightly different approach to home screen customization. There are only a few basic settings compared to the big players like Nova, Apex, Action Launcher etc. 571 more words


TPAS University: Setting custom photo names with the photo name dialog box

Today at TPAS University, Kelly Streeter shows how to create custom photo names using the TPAS Photo Name dialog box.

The dialog box appears whenever TPAS is re-loaded, or whenever a TPAS drawing is opened in AutoCAD. 179 more words

TPAS University