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#HootChat Recap: 22 Sept '16

#HootChat is a regular Twitter chat held each week at the same time. Hosted by Hootsuite, the chat features a different guest each week. Industry leaders, influencers and specialists come together around the globe to discuss a set topic relating to social media. 211 more words

Social Media Marketing

My Workstyle - Lead & Inspire

I often get asked: “What makes you tick and how do you motivate others?”  These are my four principals; I would love to discuss them further with you. 125 more words

Honesty, Transparency, and Sunlight

No matter if you are politician, business person, or social media pro, you (should) seek to gain trust and the loyalty it provides.  Trust.  So hard to earn and so easy to lose. 91 more words

You Need A Clubhouse

Online communities have proven value and you need one:

  • A low cost and trusted customer service channel
  • A focus group that will yield better results than a survey…
  • 226 more words

Don't Be Afraid - Engage

Social media is a funny thing: brands covet its reach, but often forget about engaging with those who provide valuable feedback.  Finding the right channel(s), social listening, and crafting the right outgoing messages are important, but without engagement, you will not be trusted; without trust, you will not succeed.   253 more words

Customer Service

Photo credit: Express Monorail via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Thanks http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Customer-Service-Fundamentals/151583-2.html for this excellent course

Lynda course: Outstanding customer service= exceeding your customer’s expectations… 501 more words

Don't Just Inform, Learn

You are under stress about customer service: resources are limited and you know that an engaged and educated customer will not only be a happy one, but will also better utilize your product.   178 more words