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The sculptor answered...

From: Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the great costly hewed stones

A sculptor formed an exact likeness of Sir Winston Churchill out of stone. Someone asked: How did you get such an exact likeness of Winston Churchill? 177 more words

Sometimes only a dumb sketch will do

Show. And (perhaps) tell.

My client has a subset of curious employees who love detail. They work with detail all day, design with deep specificity and get impatient with any glossed-over, highlights-only story. 113 more words


ETON - The Swedish shirts since 1928.

The first time i saw a cut away collar was on an Eton’s shirt; love at first sight!

 Today, Eton’s shirts and accessories can be found in exclusive stores all over the world, but the story begin in the 1928 when the young couple, David and Annie Pettersson, had both a unique eye for high quality and genuine craftsmanship. 265 more words

Electronic Magazine – November 2014 v13#11: Define

What’s It Mean? A-Z

Corners – Traditional: Overhang shall be cut away  at a 45-degree angle at each corner. All head and tale overhang shall be turned into the case, then the tip of the corner tucked in before the fore and back edges are permanently adhered. 100 more words

Electronic Magazine

Cool Military Hardware Cutaway Site here -

…a Ruskie site – make sure your anti-spam and anti-virus software is up to date…. .