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Back on Balance

A few years ago, a wonderful friend, lost her best friend suddenly and chose to divorce her high school sweet heart in the same year. She felt she had no choice and had to do this to survive. 194 more words

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My Fantasy Revisions

I’m not being defeatist. Really. But while fantasizing about marrying Julie Andrews the other day, I conceded I may need to update my fantasies. Sure. In this world I know that anything is possible, even if it is unlikely. 212 more words

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One Summer. The Perfect Plaid.

One track, the right plaid. It’s pretty much obvious the amount of fun that can possibly be had in this plaid top {Right Track Plaid Button Up} 42 more words

Today's Look


Karen an I were on the west side and stopped to pick up a few items at Meijers. The last time I was at the west side Meijers I was walking into the store when this lady walked out in front of me. 191 more words

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Good morning.

Seeing the reflection of the early sun on the ocean this morning, I noticed the illuminated path leads directly back to you. As if the universe is saying with a wink and a nod, “This day is for you”.

Cut Offs

Cat Crate

The dumbest thing I did on Saturday: I took our two sibling cats to the vet. I wasn’t using my Cat Mind and decided I could put both in the same crate. 49 more words

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I was thinking I could earn some retirement money busking. “Busking” is singing and playing your instrument on the sidewalk with your guitar case open hoping for tips. 155 more words

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