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Cut Paper

Color plays a major role in all art work. Being able to do a project to change the colors of an original piece of art lets you realize how color can change a painting. 121 more words

Jackson O

Change Color, Change Meaning

In this artwork, we cut out paper and glued it to a selected work and changed the meaning of it.  We found a piece of artwork that interested us and decided to change the color to change the way viewers will look at it.   62 more words


Tonight! See "Girls That Go Bump in the Night" at the Delaware Fun-A-Day Group Show!

Tonight is the night! I’m debuting 30 pieces of art I created in the month of September as part of the Delaware Fun-A-Day project. Below is a slideshow of some of the pieces you’ll see there!

Cut Paper

Change Color, Change Meaning

As a way to explore the impact of color on the meaning of a work of art we created cut colored paper studies of selected works.   104 more words

Cut Paper

The First Hurricane

We’re about to be hit by Hurricane Irma, and I’m slightly concerned about the fate of my scrap paper supply. My parents are safely evacuated, but Chrissy, Tess, and I are all still scattered in Florida. 26 more words


I often get asked to make artwork for new parents as a way to welcome home their bundle of joy. It is challenging and fun to take a few bits of information and a name to create something that will hopefully be on their bedroom wall for years to come! 6 more words