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to the auction

I currently have some art in the works for our school auction that I am itching to share! Take a peek at the fierce Saint Mary’s Eagle and the iconic image of Mary and Jesus. 49 more words


Colors And Patterns

On my desk, bookworms. I made these from recycled cardboard packaging. A special thanks to Riri and to Basse, for saving their cereal boxes for me! 71 more words


Something lighter - Papercuts

Patrick Gannon is an American cut-paper artist who works and lives in Japan. His work has been shown in galleries throughout the US, Europe and Asia. 34 more words


Elise Wehle

cut paper collages

“I make the art I do to pull me away from the increasingly digital world that surrounds me. Every day I spend so much time in front of a glowing screen that sometimes I forget I possess five bodily senses and not just one or two. 59 more words

Art Department

Munch Madness 2015!

Every year, Kristina over at Knuckle Salad hosts Munch Madness, challenging us to fill out Snackets (Snack brackets!) and choose the ultimate winner. This year was all about the copycats– those highly Pinterestable recipes that promise to taste just as good (or better?) than the original recipes from popular restaurants. 60 more words

Mosaic Landscapes

6th grade recently started finishing up this project- mosaic landscapes. We discussed what makes a landscape interesting, as well as emphasis- and how to use color to emphasize certain aspects of our artwork.We also touched on some places you could see glass mosaics, and what mosaics can be used for. 89 more words