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Leah Zimmerman Original Pattern

I have been talking about patterns and textures on my blog and now I will be presenting a Leah Zimmerman original pattern! That’s right, I designed and created my own pattern. 251 more words

ART 100

Closing In On The End

Things are finally looking almost finished. Today I’ve been multitasking between woodworking, applying acrylics on paper, mixing glue, mounting and framing the paper cut, encaustic, and a few other things. 119 more words


Third Grader Snow Angels

This is an awesome Winter lesson from Deep Space Sparkle to do with your art students. Cut paper, painting, self-portraiture, and more! The kids loved it and what made it even better is that it snowed right in the middle of our project so they got to experience going out and making snow angels! 65 more words


Sunday Glue 

I’m finally on a roll with the cases. The initial small case ended up in the junk pile due to bad cuts. Fortunately, I had more wood and the second round went smoothly. 62 more words


Casing the Rings

Slowly it’s coming together. A bit more fidgeting required to accommodate the cut tree ring panel. I’m so glad to have the bench router as part of the tool collection. 111 more words