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90 Day Art Challenge Paper Art Update (Jan 27 - Feb 9)

These past two weeks have been great. I feel like I’ve tried techniques that are more advanced, at least more so than what I was doing before. 877 more words

90 Day Art Challenge

90 Day Art Challenge Paper Art Update (Jan 13 - Jan 26)

These past two weeks were a bit harder to complete, simply because life got in the way. My two year old got sick with the stomach flu and required a lot of attention (my husband was out of town when that happened as well). 812 more words

90 Day Art Challenge

Sketchbook Project - Cut Paper Guineas

I have been working on rough draft line drawings for my submission to The Sketchbook Project. These illustrations and the quotes I have been collecting tell a story, but they also create individual pieces of art that will be the inspiration for larger fine art pieces once the project is completed and I meet some deadlines for ongoing projects. 207 more words

Let Us Eat Cake

This piece consists of a dining table surrounded by eight chairs. On the table there is a cut paper doily displaying a map of my family’s farm. 44 more words

The Lamb

“The lamb” is a hand cut paper piece that tells the story of a young woman whom has been turned away from religion; because, of her premarital pregnancy. 11 more words

Art Inspiration of the Month - Sarah Dennis

As part of my 90 Day Art Challenge, I decided it would be vital to look at other artists’ work to see the amazing things they’ve achieved with their chosen medium. 161 more words

90 Day Art Challenge