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USN – Xedra Cut Ultra | 90’s | Health Supplements

USN – Xedra Cut Ultra | 90’s USN – Xedra Cut Extreme Thermogenic – My update so far Mitja: USN Xedra Cut Ultra XT USN: 12 week challenge (15.05.2012) Test: USN Xedra Cut Hardcore Karla: USN Xedra Cut Slim Pack Fat Burners on eXpresso Rafa Martín nos presenta Xedra-Cut Ultra XT – MASmusculo.com USN – Live Q&A Fat burning 16 April 2012.mp4 Veronika: USN Xedra Cut Do Fat Burners Work? 101 more words

Paper cutting

Hi all! My new ceramics studio is not quite done yet, so I decided to try some paper cutting this weekend. I did a little youtube crash course and learned how to cut really pretty paper snowflakes. 136 more words

[Thán Hi Kỳ] Vạn Giới Trần Đào 15 + 16 – Kiếm Pháp Tự Nhiên

Note 1. Mình sub đoạn này nhân ngày kỷ niệm tròn một năm đăng tràng của Thán Hi Kỳ (04/12/2015 – 04/12/2016).

Note 2. Vid này gồm 2 đoạn cut, nếu có chỗ nào mất tự nhiên thì đó là do mình ghép. 77 more words

Bố Đại Hí

The Never Ending Trip Down Sadness Lane

She bleeds in emptiness.

Her heart pouring out in sorrow.

Her mind void of logic.

Her soul impatient for tomorrow.

Sitting there typing.

She lays down feeling  100 more words

Cut & Paste

Cut and Paste was a project brief I was given as I went into my fourth foundation project in design. This project was based on the art of collage which is a technique of composing a work of art by pasting on a single surface various materials not normally associated with one another such as newspaper clippings, parts of photographs, theatre tickets, and fragments of an envelope. 958 more words



If words would cut just like
A knife, don’t stop at cutting
But take my life;
So I’d be reborn a
Wiser fool, with yet a heart
That still bleeds for you.