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Production Log: Viaduct Cutaways

Here’s a short montage of Joe and I’s journey of filming our nature cutaways, we travelled up to Balcombe Viaduct around 6pm as the sun was going down to get the best cinematic shots:

Production Log: Editing Cutaways

Colour correction:

Here you can see myself and Joe trying to find the perfect filter to use on cutaways to make them look vintage.

Here I have focused on the use of filters and colour matching in order to make the newly filmed cutaways look old by matching a photograph taken of my family as kids (1970s this photo was taken). 76 more words

Production Log: Last Few Cutaways

During the editing process, Joe and I quickly came to the realisation that we missed a lot of cutaways out, we had to ensure we did this before finalising the documentary as finished as otherwise it would be consistent talking heads, therefore we came up with some idea’s that we needed to film. 41 more words