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Cute and Creative Bachelorette Must Have : North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Are you in the process of planning a bachelorette weekend this summer? I loved having my named mason jar at this bachelorette weekend. It was just the right mix of creative and cute without being complicated or expensive. 102 more words


Totoro Bed <3

I’ve been squeee’ing for a full 10 minutes over this bed.

I must have it.
I will cuddle the entire world with it.


Better Than Xanax

These tiny knitted happy pills are way better than Xanax.
How could one be depressed with a few of these guys floating around your purse? 13 more words


File Under: Things I Must Try

 I think my head just exploded from the sheer adorableness.
The owl and the blue bunny are my favorites, though I’ve always had a weakness for foxes and plaid. 48 more words


Lego Stephen Hawking

I want to build a lego Stephen Hawking.
He will ride on my shoulder and lovingly whisper the secrets of the universe.
And it will be wonderful.


Colorful Lab Cookies

Colorful lab cookies, for the scientist who needs a little sweetness in their life :D