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New Girl (with the cute guy)

I think we all have a type out there. The bad boy biker type. The preppy tool (which my school happens to be full of by the way). 1,021 more words


I Cannot Unfuck You Up

I am exhausted at the constraints people are attempting to put on my feelings. Not that they do have control over it, but the advice out there has really ranged in hypocrisy and polarity and I’ve begun to stop listening. 418 more words

Paying it Forward

Today I started off the day like most others, I went to get coffee. since the drive-thru was almost empty except for one other car I chose that route rather then have the hassle of getting my son out of the car seat. 199 more words

diary excerpt: 10/1/16

“cute boys in ripped jeans and Thrasher tees will break your heart not because they’re heartbreakers romantically per se but because they had potential until mainstream skate culture told them to shop @ vans and read i-D. 13 more words


Slice of Life Thursday

By: Alejandra Gonzalez

There is this guy who lives in my building. Charming, handsome, and somewhere around 18. He comes down to the reception every morning, to wait for his friends in their black and red… 157 more words

Coming Of Age

"why would you move to Alabama?"

My mom and I dropped everything, packed our bags, and took a 13 hour road trip claiming to be moving to war eagle county. Arriving on the 4th of August, we unpack our car, stuffed with 2 TV’s, 20 pairs of my shoes, 15 bags of my clothes, 4 boxes of makeup, 3 boxes of perfume, and a luggage for my moms clothing into a 1200 square foot house. 593 more words


Review: P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 1/2

Classic young adult contemporary romance is like cotton candy. It’s saccharinely sweet, super cute and very fluffy. When done right, it’s a hit. 753 more words