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Meal Number 1: Grilled Chicken with rice and Cheesy Broccoli

Meal Number 1:

Chicken and Rice with some cheesy Broccoli


1 Chicken Breast

1 Bowl of rice

5-10 Broccolis

5 finger grab of Cheese (Your Preference) 325 more words

Gossip Girl (Chuck Bass)

Good Morning Upper East Siders,

For those of you that don’t know or haven’t picked up on it yet this blog will be about our favorite New York WASP, Chuck Bass. 337 more words

American Horror Story (Evan Peters)

I’m backkkkkkkk. So this week I decided to have a little fun and touch upon a little horror story. Yes i’m talking about American Horror Story. 241 more words

Parks and Rec (Andy Dwyer)

So i’m going in for round two, and I figured I may as well stick with the comedy fellows. Which brings me to another love of mine, Andy Dwyer. 165 more words

The Office (aka everyone's favorite, Jim)

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back. I know its been quite a while I know and i’m sorry. I’m sure all you followers out there (yes all one of you) truly missed my blog posts and I appreciate that. 519 more words

30 Rock (Jack Donaghy)

This week on Keeping it Up with the Boy Obsessed Alex, were moving onto bigger and older men. Yes, thats right ladies and gents, i’m talking about Alec freaking Baldwin. 384 more words

One Tree Hill (Nathan Scott)

Just like every other teenage girl in the United States i’ve obsessed over every episode of One Tree Hill. I binge watched that crap on Netflix (which also happens to be my best friend) for an entire summer. 417 more words