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I still don't know what's going on...

I finally had the nerve to strike up a conversation with Chandler Bing last night. My favorite bar closed (the one he and I hung out at a few weeks ago, and the one where I had my first date with Plaid Hipster), so I messaged him to find out if he knew. 137 more words


I still don't know if it was a date...

I hung out with Chandler Bing last night. We went to the bar I often go to on Friday nights to see the band play. He knew the drummer and the bassist, and said I should go when I mentioned hanging out. 252 more words


Finally heard back!!!

I finally heard back from Chandler Bing this morning. He’d somehow missed my message earlier in the week. (Maybe because I sent it at 1am?) 187 more words


Pre-order The WASPs today!

Our re-release of The WASPs will be available in 2 days exclusively through Amazon. It was originally published through Dreamspinner Press, but the rights reverted and now we have re-edited it and recovered it and we can now offer it for a lower price PLUS it will be part of Kindle Unlimited! 212 more words


A crisis of confidence...

I hate when I’m feeling insecure. Because probably 80% of the time, I rock, and I know I rock. But there’s that other 20% of the time that I’m not so sure. 631 more words


Kind of a letdown...

First things first. The Bro texted me yesterday morning and wanted to hang out. I was like “I got shit to do” (I phrased it a bit better, but that was the gist). 208 more words


A massive, impossibly-complicated crush and the return of The Bro...

So last year I went out on a date with The Bro, and then he got super crazy and clingy and I cut him loose. 898 more words