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Dog sofa

I was looking for something unrelated on craigslist this afternoon and came across this in the free section. I’m still laughing because I know how hard it is to get MY dogs off of their couch when I’m trying to change the slipcover, much less sell it out from under them. Totally made my day.


Are you okay?

I’m sure Rico is not the only four-legged alarm clock out there, eh?

Labrador Retriever


When you can’t decide whether you want to stay in or go out. Yeah, that.

Labrador Retriever

Dog therapists

Thanks to my dedicated team of home health care dog therapists, I am being well looked after today.

Labrador Retriever

Best. Medicine. Ever.

Wow, I cannot believe I missed the entire summer. Those folks who are really observant will notice that my hair in the above photo is barely there. 292 more words

Labrador Retriever