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REAL ACCOUNT CH62. Pt.1 (Eng T.)

Hello, this is Glasses-kun Here. Before getting back to Real Account, just some quick debrief on something really important.

It’s been two months since U-mizu Scan(The Original Translation Team) has stopped translating Real Account. 457 more words



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Let’s get back to Real Account~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 117 more words


Friday's Feature: Just Add Cute

As anime fans, I’m sure we’re all aware that Japan has a serious thing for cute (kawaii). This isn’t a bad thing. In fact it is one of the things that makes Japanese culture incredibly fascinating to outsiders. 701 more words

Alice to Zouroku: The Underdog of 2017 Spring

If there is one thing that I am upset about with this anime season, it is that not much attention was paid to a show named… 1,564 more words


Slice Of Life

There’s a guy selling a magazine on behalf of the homeless and as he walks across the road to get some water his little dog goes crazy, rolling itself in the grass and running backwards and forwards, shaking its body and little tail like its been in the river and this girl walking by sees it and has such a look of adoration on her face for such a little bundle of fun that she reaches out to stroke it but the little dog only has eyes for the bowl of water in the hands of the guy as he reaches down to place it in front of a pink and grateful tongue.


Can love happen with a fake facebook profile? It happened to me.

t Oh yes.. You heard it right.

I was deeply in love with a Facebook Poser.

Julia was her name. And being a middle-class Indian. I was fascinated by white cute girls. 132 more words