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4 Is the Bestest Age Ever!

Twin 4-year olds. They start Kindergarten this  year and are excellent Bubble-blowers!


{Kerri Krista} 18 Months

Kerri’s favorite words are: Dada, Momma, Baby, Bunny and Nana! She has extended her vocabulary quite a lot. Gigi (Grandma), Nini (Nicole), ‘eth (Seth), Purple, Blue, Fish, Juice, Baba (bottle), Peaz (please), I love you, and stop are all among the words she says quite well. 475 more words

The Accidental Vegan Baby

Back when I was vegan, I never expected my kids to be vegan. I made chicken and scrambled eggs for them on a regular basis, and they devoured blocks of cheese like locusts while I enjoyed my quinoa. 306 more words


A Friendly Guy

When my son was pre-school age, he saw potential friendship in everyone he met. The idea of having a lot of friends appealed to him so much that he frequently said he wished he lived in town, instead of out in the country, so that he could be surrounded by friends. 917 more words

The Good Old Days

Sketches of children at play

While babysitting, I like to sketch the kids as much as I can, though drawing and photographing children is as hard as wildlife photography.

Wordless Wednesday {school art show}

Our excited kindergarten class showed us through our first school art show this morning. They were all so proud of their creations {and rightly so, it was all very impressive}! 15 more words