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Very Beautiful and Cute Kids : Sanliurfa, Turkey

A nomadic child carries a lamb to grazing fields in the highlands.

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School Babysitters Series Review: They're Cute... And?

The Winter 2018 anime season was rife with cute shows, so how does this bit of adorableness stack up?


It should have become fairly clear to anyone who reads my blog and reviews with any regularity that I am not a fan of cute kids. 917 more words

Cruel Parents: Little Girl Loses Her Mind When Giant Teddy Bear Suddenly Comes Alive

I’m going to hell for this pic.twitter.com/oATqsOGNJL

— Cece (@Ceguzzy) April 9, 2018

There must be something in the water, as parents seem to be playing savage jokes on their kids a lot more often these days.

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Little Ones at the Lights

Even though I love traveling and adventure with all of my heart, it can be difficult to be away from family, especially when you have adorable nieces & nephews. 237 more words