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Very Beautiful and Cute Kids : Shchomyslitsa, Belarus

A girl looks at ducklings at the Belagro international agricultural exhibition, Shchomyslitsa, Belarus.

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Very Beautiful and Cute Kids : Widnes, UK

Children wave the union jack as they await the arrival of the Queen and the Duchess of Sussex to open the Mersey Gateway bridge.

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Who Says A Bear Can't Be Your Best Bro? Watch This Adorable Moment.

IMITATION GAME: This bear lets his inner child out as he jumps in unison with a 5-year-old boy at the Nashville Zoo. https://t.co/bHmO0y8vMa pic.twitter.com/6MfqEu3R4y

— ABC News (@ABC) …

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'International Children's Day' event at the Kaeson Youth Park

Children hold North Korea national flags at a joint friendship gathering to mark the 68th anniversary of an ‘International Children’s Day’ event at the Kaeson Youth Park in Pyongyang.

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Very Beautiful and Cute Kids : Crostwitz, Germany

Catholic Sorbs, wearing traditional costumes, take part in the annual Corpus Christi Mass in Crostwitz, Germany.

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Have You Ever Passed Away?

Waiting on the kettle to sing this afternoon. I am thoroughly enjoying this Cucumber White Tea by Tazo. It is so light and summery. I was asked if it tastes like a cucumber and yes it does. 326 more words